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 * Sitemap, creates tree of CMS objects, content template
 * Date: 30.06.08
 * @package saurus4
 * @param show comma separated list of class names to exclusively show in the tree, defaults to "section"
 * @param parent ID of an object from where to start the site tree, defaults to level 1 sections
 * @author Saurus <hide@address.com>
<div id="SitemapContainer">

<h1>{sysword word="sitemap" type="saurus4"}</h1>

{if $smarty.request.parent}
	{init_objects name="roots" parent=$smarty.request.parent|@intval classes=$smarty.request.show|default:"section"}
	{init_objects name="roots" parent_system_alias="home" classes=$smarty.request.show|default:"section"}

{assign var="tree" value=$roots|@array_reverse}

{foreach from=$tree item="tree_item"}

{assign var="loop_control" value=true}

{if sizeof($tree)}
{* start the list *}
{while var="loop_control"}

	{* get current node from tree and erase it from the tree marking it travelled *}
	{assign var="node" value=$tree|@array_pop}
	{* get current node level *}
	{assign var="node_level" value=$tree_levels|@array_pop}
	{* get next node array key *}
	{assign var="next_key" value=$tree|@sizeof}
	{assign var="next_key" value=$next_key-1}
	{* get next node from the tree *}
	{assign var="next" value=$tree.$next_key}
	{* start the node print out *}
		<a href="{$node->href}">{$node->buttons}{$node->title}</a>
		{* get the nodes children *}
		{init_objects name="children" parent=$node->id classes=$smarty.request.show|default:"section"}
		{assign var="children" value=$children|@array_reverse}	
		{* if there are any children create the list start *}
		{if sizeof($children)}
		{* close the children list, if there isn't anymore children and there is a next node and current level is greater than than the next nodes level *}
		{if !sizeof($children) && $next && $tree_levels.$next_key < $node_level}
			{section name="pages" loop=$node_level-$tree_levels.$next_key name="closing_loop"}
				{* close the node print out if this is the first close *}
				{if $smarty.section.closing_loop.first}</li>{/if}
		{* else if this is the last node close the tree up to 0 level *}
		{elseif !sizeof($children) && !$next}
			{section name="pages" loop=$node_level name="closing_loop"}
				{* close the node print out if this is the first close *}
				{if $smarty.section.closing_loop.first}</li>{/if}

	{* close the node print out if there is no children for this node *}
	{if !sizeof($children)}
	{* put the children into the tree for travelling + their level *}
	{foreach from=$children item="child"}

	{* close the while loop if there is no more nodes to travel *}
	{if sizeof($tree) == 0}
		{assign var="loop_control" value=false}
{* close the list *}
{/if}{* sizeof($tree) *}

</div><!-- / SitemapContainer -->
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