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Change Log for Sahana 0.6.3 Security Release
Cumulative release which addresses security vulnerabilities documented here: 

Change Log for Sahana Update release.
Sahana Setup

    * Fixed password re-appearance on form in the setup if a page has errors.
    * Added support for hosted environments.


    * Added an About Sahana page.

Disaster Victims Registry

    * Added validations for the group head when adding new individuals.
    * Added validation to check numeric values.
    * Added a block image when person image is not available.
    * Added confirmation messages with person name instead of person id.

Missing Person Registry

    * Fixed image loosing bug when updating a missing person
    * Re-edit button added to confirmation page of edit missing person
    * Fixed address loosing bug when updating a missing person
    * Confirmation message added to remove tracker in edit missing person

Inventory Management System

    * Fixed an unnecessary ACL check when the user wasn't logged in.

Organization Registry

    * The organization search now displays [ALL] as the default option in drop down boxes.

Volunteer Management

    * Added Internationalization support.
    * Added option to enable/disable soundex search under 'Advanced Search'.
    * Fixed skills tree to support non-native language with utf8 character delimiters.
    * Added paging support to pages which return large number of records.
    * Added tool to convert template (tpl) files to inc files to support xgettext scripting.
    * Fixed minor Internet Explorer browser incompatibility problem.
    * Modified context help messages to be clearer to the user.
    * Fixed ACL issue with dbsetup.sql script


    * Show which plugin is selected
    * Map Display error in Windows
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