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Change log and version history for Run

run (18.5.2005)
- Administration: runner's settings now don't show runner's password sha1 - the password fields are empty and unless the user enters a new password, they keep their current one (runnersettings.php, editrunner.php).

run (17.5.2005)
- Administration: fixed password checking bug (adminsettings.php).

run (16.5.2005)
- Installation: fixed the bug in the install script that prevented the creation of the Shoes table (a missing closing parentheses) and an error in query which created the administrator's account (an extra parentheses) (mysql/CleanInstall08.php, mysql/Upgrade073-08.php).
- Application: fixed a bug that prevented the Run to be used in directories other than root web directory. Now Run works in whichever directory accessible on your web server (system/environment.php, display.php).

run (7.5.2005)
- Shoe Management: when displaying shoe notes, line breaks were ignored. nl2br was applied to fix the problem (shoes.php).

run (4.5.2005)
- Main Display: bug fix that was the culprit behind inacurate notes display in summary view mode (display.php).

run 0.8 (3.5.2005)
- Installation/Upgrade: install and upgrade scripts were made (install/CleanInstall08.php, install/Upgrade073-08.php).
- Administration: runners can now choose between two different modes for viewing their logs: full and summary. Full view displays all data, while summary will show only a summary for each run. File details.php is used for displaying run details in full view mode (administrator.php, addnewrunner.php, runnersettings.php, editrunner.php, display.php, details.php).

run 0.8 (28.4.2005)
- Main Display: removed bug that caused invalid data display when using previous/next month links for displaying data. What was wrong was that simply adding and subtracting month digits caused confusion in mysql queries when single digit month numbers for January and February were in question and thus all months containing digits 1 or 2 would show up for the viewing year, and not just the requested month (display.php).

run 0.8 (23.4.2005)
- Shoe Management: shoe edit link is now displayed in the same way as runner edit in administrators interface. This change was made for the sake of GUI consistency. (shoes.php, system/style.css).
- Main Display: detail of date information for logged runs is now determined by the selection criteria (display.php).
- Administration: total and average distance and time is calculated for the selected runner's last ten runs (administration.php).

run 0.8 (14.4.2005)
- Shoe Management: added a bunch of shoe makers (system/functions.php).

run 0.8 (13.4.2005)
- Main Display/Administration: even rows of logged runs are displayed with a different background color. Same goes for the last ten runs for each runner in the administrative interface. Added a function to system/functions.php to find out which rows are odd and which are even. Also a few styles were added (display.php, administration.php, system/style.css, system/functions.php).

run 0.8 (12.4.2005)
- Application: before if runner existed but was not active they just couldn't login and message saying that the username-password combination entered is not correct was displayed. Now, inactive runners still cannot login, but they get the message saying that their account is inactive (index.php).

run 0.8 (7.4.2005)
- Shoe Management: since shoesactive.php and shoesretired.php are practically the same files that differ only in small details, I have prepared one file that will work for displaying both active and retired shoes (shoes.php, shoesedit.php, shoesadd.php, display.php).
- Shoe Management: all distance units, distances, and Shoe Wear Bar length are now displayed according to each runner's distance unit settings. If running distances are stored in both miles and kilometers, one or the other are converted in the preset unit and a sum is displayed. Also shoeWearBar function was augumented to serve well (shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, system/functions.php).
- Main Display: total and average distances in the main display window are now displayed in the distance measurement unit selected in the settings for each runner. If running distances are stored in both miles and kilometers, one or the other are converted in the preset unit and a sum is displayed (display.php).

run 0.8 (6.4.2005)
- Administration: when adding a new runner, preffered measurement units can be selected now. Also measurement units functions had to be adjusted a bit for that (addnewrunner.php, editrunner.php, system/functions.php).

run 0.8 (5.4.2005)
- Shoe Management: new styles have been adopeted with divs instead of tables. A first/last shoe use date bug was fixed, which means that now when either first or last day of use for the shoe is not present in the shoes table is entered automatically (shoesadd.php, shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, shoesedit.php).
- Log a Run/Edit an Entry: all measurement units are now displayed in the drop-down menu with property "selected". New styles have been adopted with divs instead of tables (logrun.php, edit.php, display.php).
- Pace/Splits Calculators: runners can now choose between kilometers and miles when using the splits calculator as well. Also, both pace and splits calculators pick user's preference for distance measurement unit from Runners table and display option of their choice upon opening of the calculator. New styles have been adopted with divs instead of tables (pace.php, splits.php, display.php)
- System: file system/environment.php was updated a bit and now includes a procedure where measurement units from the Runners table are stored into the array $units: ['0'] holds distance unit, ['1'] holds temperature unit and ['2'] holds weight unit (system/environment.php).

run 0.8 (4.4.2005)
- Pace Calculator: runners can now choose between kilometers and miles for all pace calculations (pace.php, system/functions.php).

run 0.8 (3.4.2005)
- Units: six new functions were added to system/functions.php which are used for measurement units drop-down menu generation (system/functions.php).
- Units: runners can now select in which units they would like to input their data. This is now implemented so that it gets entered into the database and the setting is reflected in runner settings and log a run (runnersettings.php, logrun.php, editrunner.php).
- User Settings: every runner can now change some of their own settings, such as are password, date of birth, gender, etc. (runnersettings.php, display.php).

run 0.8 (30.3.2005)
- Administration: runners can now be deleted. When a runner is deleted all their running data is deleted (editrunner.php).
- Administration: inactive users cannot log in. All inactive users that want to log in, must first be activated (index.php).
- Main Display: if no data matches desired criteria, a message saying so shows up instead of an empty table. Also total and average information is set to 0 (display.php).
- Main Display: data selection and time criteria was changed and previous/next month/year navigation was added (display.php).

run 0.8 (29.3.2005)
- Splits Calculator: number of chosen distance legs is now displayed along with other splits data (splits.php).
- Functions: if date entry is 0000-00-00, Run now returns a friendly notice that date information is not available (system/functions.php).
- Main Display: main display page changed. Only a summary for each run is shown (display.php).

run 0.8 (28.3.2005)
- Administration: moved admin functions to system/functions.php and made some minor changes to all admin files (system/functions.php, administrator.php, editrunner.php, addnewrunner.php, adminsettings.php).

run 0.8 (26.3.2005)
- Shoe Management: made all neccessary change so that the Shoe Management works with the new database structure (shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, shoesadd.php, shoesedit.php).
- Administration: made all neccessary changes so that the new administration system developed in the RunLab works with the new database structure and with other older Run files (administrator.php, editrunner.php)

run 0.8 (25.3.2005)
- Log a Run: enlarged the Notes input window (logrun.php, edit.php, system/navigation.php).
- Log a Run: added drop-down menus for different measurement systems. Now distance can be entered in either kilometers (km) or miles (mi), temperature can be entered in either degrees celsius (C) or fahrenheit (F), and weight can be entered in either kilograms (kg), pounds (lb) and stones (st) (logrun.php, edit.php).
- Application: changed everything that was neccessary to reflect the new database and tables structures (display.php, edit.php, logrun.php).
- Application: file environment includes all information that is used to set up the Run php/mysql environment, such as: error reporting levels, which database to connect to, and assigning cookies (system/environment.php).
- Application: wrote script that creates Runners and RunningLogs tables in the Run database. Runners is from Run 0.8 version used for storing all runners information while RunningLogs table holds all information about runs. This script also alters the name of Runner column in Shoes table to RunnerID and picks all useful info about runners and places it into Runners table (mysql/MysqlUpdates08.php).
- Application: changed Runner to RunnerID column in Shoes table and changed all files that call Shoes table (display.php, shoesedit.php, shoesadd.php, shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, edit.php, logrun.php).

run 0.7.3 (25.2.2005)
- Application: all $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS were changed to $_COOKIE (display.php, index.php, shoesedit.php, shoesactive.php, shoesadd.php, shoesretired.php, delete.php, edit.php, logrun.php).
- Application: at the bottom of main display window average values for selected period are displayed: average time and distance of run (display.php).
- Shoe Management: if dates of first and last usage are neither in user's nor in shoes table, when viewing retired shoes, "This shoe has not been used yet." message is displayed (shoesretired.php).
- Shoe Management: if name of the shoe is changed (ShoeName), all run log entries when this shoe has been used are updated with this shoe name change (shoesedit.php).

run 0.7.3 (24.2.2005)
- Shoe Management: if dates of first and last usage are neither in user's nor in shoes table, when viewing active shoes, "This shoe has not been used yet." message is displayed (shoesactive.php, system/functions.php).
- Shoe Management: when editing shoes, shoe name and both first and last run dates are checked. If a shoe with the same name already exists or if the dates are wrong, user is warned and data cannot be entered into the database (shoesedit.php).
- Shoe Management: fixed Delete This Shoe bug. When Delete This Shoe was clicked in the Shoe Management, a run log entry with the same ID was deleted instead of shoe. This is now fixed (shoesedit.php).

run 0.7.3 (22.2.2005)
- Application: stripslashes() function added to all text box fields and all fields that print a user input value from the database (edit.php, display.php, shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php).
- Application: system/functions.php gets an addition: Shoe Wear Bar function that selects the color of Shoe Wear Bar according to how worn the shoes are (system/functions.php).
- Log a Run: time input has changed. Now users do not have to manually input date into a text box, but choose the time of their run from three drop-down menus: hours, minutes and seconds (logarun.php, edit.php).
- Shoe Management: all date displays have been changed to user-friendly format. Which means that dates are no longer displayed in format YYYY-MM-DD, but 22nd February 2005 format instead (shoesretired.php, shoesactive.php).
- Shoe Management: date input has changed. Now users do not have to manually input date into a text box, but choose the appropriate date for the first and last day of shoe usage from drop-down menus (shoesedit.php)
- Shoe Management: when showing retired shoes last run date was not shown correctly due to an error in variable assignment. This bug affected only display of date not the date data itself (shoesretired.php).

run 0.7.3 (21.2.2005)
- Log a Run: date input has changed. Now users do not have to manually input date into a text box, but choose the date of their run from three drop-down menus: day, month and year (logrun.php, edit.php).
- Application: added system/functions.php file where all functions are stored. For now only date and time related functions have been added, but more can be expected in the future (system/functions.php).

run 0.7.3 (20.2.2005)
- Pace Calculator - Splits: wording on the button was changed from "Calculate Time" to "Calculate Splits" (splits.php).
- Shoe Management: added the following shoe brands: Columbia, Asolo, Vasque, Etonic, The North Face, Loco, and "Other" in casenone of the above match. Submit and Wipe buttons are flushed left (shoesadd.php, shoesedit.php). 
- Edit: Submit and Wipe buttons are flushed left and the title in the file (below the username) was changed from "Log a Run" to "Edit and Entry". Removed "Track" from the Run Type drop-down menu (edit.php).
- Log a Run: Submit and Wipe buttons are flushed left. Removed "Track" from the Run Type drop-down menu (logrun.php).
- Application: all $HTTP_POST_VARS, $HTTP_GET_VARS and $PHP_SELF were changed to $_POST, $_GET and $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] accordingly (display.php, edit.php, index.php, logrun.php, pace.php, shoesadd.php, shoesedit.php, splits.php).
- Application: head file has been added (system/head.php) that takes care of all information that should be stored in every html head (system/head.php, delete.php, display.php, edit.php, index.php, logrun.php, logarun.php, pace.php, shoesactive.php, shoesadd.php, shoesretired.php, shoesedit.php, splits.php)
- Application: configuration file was renamed from configuration to configuration.php so that the browser does not render the file as a regular text file, but as a php file and thus doesn't display anything (system/configuration.php, system/head.php, delete.php, display.php, edit.php, index.php, logrun.php, logarun.php, pace.php, shoesactive.php, shoesadd.php, shoesretired.php, shoesedit.php, splits.php).
- Application: favorite icon added (favico.ico).
- Application funcions file has been added (systems/functions.php) where many commonly used functions are stored. Currently the following functions are stored here:
  generateDays (generates days of months for drop-down menus),
  generateMonths (generates names and number values of months for drop-down menus),
  generateYears (generates years for drop-down menus),
  dateFormat (formats date from 20 February 2005 into 2005-02-20 for database input),
  datum (reformats all dates data from YYYY-MM-DD to DDth Month Year),
  generateHours (generates 48 hours for drop-down menus),
  generateMinSec (generates from 0 to 59 minutes and seconds for drop-down menus),
  timeFormat (formats time from three drop-down menu variables into single variable where the three values are separated with a colon),
  shoeWearBar (chooses color of Shoe Wear Bar from total distance covered in each shoe),
  shoeBrands (prints all shoe brands for drop-down menus).

run 0.7.2 (12.1.2005)
- Pace calculator: added an option to enter per kilometer pace, distance, and desired split intervals. Splits calculator outputs split times at desired distance intervals (pace.php, splits.php).

run 0.7.2 (9.1.2005)
- Shoe management: "Shoe wear bar" gets an addition: below the bar 0 and 800 are now displayed, so that it is really is straightforward for runners to see what the bar means. Also the bar is now 2 px thicker and the Shoe Management window opens up 80 px higher than previously (shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, system/navigation)

run 0.7.2 (4.1.2005)
- Shoe management: "Shoe wear bar" added to display color-coded wear of both active and retired shoes (shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php).
- Shoe management: when adding a new shoe, Run now checks if a shoe with the same name already exists. If the shoe with the same name exists a warning message is displayed and nothing gets written in the database (shoesadd.php).

run 0.7.1 (2.1.2005)
- Application: now only years since runner started using Run are displayed in the "year" dropdown menu in display.php. Data are pulled from each runner's table (display.php).
- Shoe management: removed "first run date" from "add new shoe," because it was not a logical field. added first run date check when viewing active and retired shoes instead (shoesadd.php, shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php).

run 0.7.1 (19.12.2004)
- Shoe management/Application: now table Shoe is hidden from the initial login screen (index.php).
- Shoe management: changed wording from "Delete Entry" to "Remove This Shoe" (shoesedit.php).
- Shoe management bug:  When editing a shoe (shoesedit.php), last run date for shoes skylon is not correct. check how shoesedit.php gets this date. First of all, this is not a bug, but a problem with database entry from times when last run date wasn't checked from the runner's table, but was input manually. Problem resolved by overriding manually set values for all shoes with NULL value.
- Shoe management: added total distance covered per shoe for all retired shoes (shoesretired.php).
- Application: all shoes in the display data page are listed (display.php), active and retired. There is a delimiter noting which shoes are active and which retired. Active shoes are shown first. Option to display data for all shoes remains (display.php).
- Application: added aditional access key (shortcuts). This time to various buttons that are used to seubmit/execute forms. Here's a general list: Submit - S, Wipe - W, Display - D, Calculate Time - T, Calculate Pace - P (logrun.php, edit.php, pace.php, shoesedit.php, shoesadd.php).
- Application: all buttons used to clear forms were renamed from Clear to Wipe. Also, access keys were assigned to all those buttons: Wipe - W.

run 0.7.1 (11.12.2004)
- Application: added meaningful access keys (shortcuts) to the following functionality: Log a Run - L, Refresh- R, Pace Calculator - P, Shoe Management - S, Logout - Q, Close - C to all popup windows to close them and Delete - D to delete the entry in edit mode (system/navigation.php, logrun.php, edit.php, pace.php, shoesedit.php, shoesadd.php, shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php). Access keys for shoe management are: Add New Shoe - N, Active Shoes - A, Retired Shoes - R (shoesactive.php, shoesadd.php, shoesretired.php, shoesedit.php).
- Application: added "Tempo" and "Tempo Interval" to run types (logarun.php and edit.php).

run 0.7.1 (2.12.2004)
- Shoe management: more shoe brands added (shoesadd.php, shoesedit.php).

run 0.7 (19.11.2004)
- Changed edit.php so that user now gets a dropdown menu instead of a textbox for shoe input (edit.php).
- Changed javascript open window function for logarunWindow in system/navigation.php so that Log a Run window opens wider and taller (system/navigation.php).
- Changed javascript open window function for editWindow in display.php so that Edit an Entry window opens winder and taller - same as logrun.php (edit.php).
- Changed wording in Log a Run and Edit an Entry windows. Was "Average Heart Rate", which is now "Average HR" (logrun.php, edit.php).
- Changed the widht and height of textarea box for notes. Was 3 rows high and 20 cols wide, which is now 4 rows high and 30 cols wide (logrun.php, edit.php).
- Retired shoes are now displayed in descending order by date of the last run - newer shoes first, oldest last (shoesretired.php).

run 0.7 (17.11.2004)
- Changed display.php so that only active shoes are listed from Shoes table and not all distinct shoes from the runner's table (display.php).
- Changed logrun.php so that user does not have to type names of their shoes manually; names of all active shoes are listed in a dropdown menu (logrun.php).

run 0.7 (13.11. and 17.11.2004)
- Added shoe management set of files: shoesactive.php, shoesretired.php, shoesadd.php, shoesedit.php.
- Added a new table (Shoe) for shoe management to database Run.
- Updated system/configuration file so that users can set custom name for their table where shoe information is stored.

run 0.6.2 (13.11.2004)
- Added "Fog" to weather options (logrun.php and edit.php)
- Set top margin value for <body> in style.css to 0; changed all files to reflect this change (style.css, logrun.php, edit.php, display.php, pace.php)

run 0.6.2 (25.10.2004)
- Changed <title> tags in all files to emphasise name of the application
- Changed array of $connect["Notes"] to take into account line breaks that might be used when inputting notes.

run 0.6.1 (04.10.2004)
- Moved navigation from bottom of display.php page to the top. Reason: clarity and ease of use (display.php).
- Made minor changes in navigation.php source (removed redundant HTML tags) (system/navigation.php).
- Added Run version to the bottom right corner. It also servers as a link to Run project page at http://run.sourceforge.net (display.php).
- Added <td> class for Run version and a general <a> class (system/style.css).

run 0.6.1 (01.10.2004)
- Created directory system where system data are stored, such as: style.css, configration, navigation.php, and system-wide images.
- Created configuration file in system directory. This is a central configuration file where Run parameters are set: MySQL server, username and password combination to access the database, MySQL database name, and level of PHP error reporting.
- The following files were modified as a result of the above changes: delete.php, display.php, edit.php, index.php, logrun.php, and pace.php. These changes include:
  - including system/configuration file where necessary,
  - changing MySQL constants used in these files to variables defined in system/configuration,
  - unifying variable names where data for connection to MySQL is stored (most of the time these had to be changed from $data to $connect),
  - unifying comments format, and
  - adjusting the paths to system/style.css, system/navigation.php and files stored in system/imgs.

run 0.6 (15.09.2004)
- Total time spent running added (display.php).

run 0.6 (08.07.2004)
- Pace calculator now also calculates speed for give pace and goal time (pace.php).
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