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In the script implemented:<br> 
<li>Import from Word Press</li>
<li>Saving a static copy of the site in the pages of html</li>
<li>Copy html site copy for free hosting</li>
<li>Publication date (delayed publication)</li>
<li>Automatic block third-party developers</li>
<li>Unlimited nested categories</li>
<li>Tag Cloud</li>
<li>Monthly Archives</li>
<li>Partitioning of articles (news notes) on the category</li>
<li>Splitting the descending order (starting with the last published and so on)</li>
<li>Comments to the articles (you can deny / allow comments to each article)</li>
<li>Newsletter subscribers comments</li>
<li>Search with paged results</li>
<li>Tags (tags) articles</li>
<li>Generate keywords</li>
<li>Related articles (see also)</li>
<li>The choice of static and dynamic map styles</li>
<li>Conclusion on the menu bar of recent comments</li>
<li>Output panel of random articles</li>
<li>Site map (for better indexing by search engines)</li>
<li>URL pages in the form of static. Html, except for a list of recent queries</li>
<li>Database to XML files (not dependent on the presence and version of SQL Server)</li>
<li>Caching to improve performance</li>
<li>Compact and lightweight, the code does not load the server host, and takes the minimum traffic</li>
<li>RSS feed</li>
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