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<p>Welcome to the interactive install script for the RoundCube Webmail package</p>
<p>First let's check your local environment and find out if everything RoundCube needs is available.</p>

<p>The basic requirements are:</p>
  <li>PHP Version 5.2.0 or greater including
      <li>PCRE (perl compatible regular expression)</li>
      <li>Session support</li>
      <li>Libiconv (recommended)</li>
      <li>OpenSSL (recommended)</li>
      <li>FileInfo (optional)</li>
      <li>Multibyte/mbstring (optional)</li>
      <li>Mcrypt (optional)</li>
    <li>php.ini options:
        <li>error_reporting E_ALL &amp; ~E_NOTICE (or lower)</li>
        <li>file_uploads on (for attachment upload features)</li>
        <li>session.auto_start needs to be off</li>
    <li>A MySQL or PostgreSQL database engine or the SQLite extension for PHP</li>
    <li>An SMTP server (recommended) or PHP configured for mail delivery</li>

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