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  Introducing Rilke CMS 0.8x

Rilke CMS is a PHP based content management system. It can be used to
publish a variety of different websites, including personal and
collaborative weblogs. Rilke CMS was designed with simplicity in mind -
so that anyone who has used a word processor is now able to update a

New in version 0.8: attach images easily to any post!

You can view a demo of Rilke CMS at:

It features:

    * An easy to use WYSIWYG publishing screen
    * Simple, intuitive navigation
    * Easy look-and-feel adaptability, due its reliance on CSS based
    * One click access to different themes, which change the entire
      appearance of the site
    * Integrated commenting system, encouraging instant visitor feedback
    * Attach images to any post, using image upload or the image library
    * Encryption of visitor submitted email addresses (in comments) to
      prevent their harvesting by SPAMbots
    * Approval system for visitor submitted posts
    * Easy editing and/or deactivation of posts and comments
    * Easy organization of posts through categories
    * A PHP-MySQL based core, made available under a Creative Commons license
    * Easy syndication through XML based RSS feeds
    * Extended funtionality through plugins

Rilke CMS 0.8 was released in June, 2003. Subsequent releases followed in July, 2003.
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