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//RicargBooK 1.2 language pack
//language: English
//Original file written by: Adriel Ricardo Torres aka RicarDooM
//Traslation by: Adriel Ricardo Torres aka RicarDooM

$lang_txt = array();

$lang_txt[0] = 'iso-8859-1';
$lang_txt[1] = 'en';
$lang_txt[2] = 'Go back';
$lang_txt[3] = 'Comments:';
$lang_txt[4] = 'Published by:';
$lang_txt[5] = 'hours';
$lang_txt[6] = 'Publish a comment';
$lang_txt[7] = 'Name';
$lang_txt[8] = 'Web / Blog';
$lang_txt[9] = 'Comment';
$lang_txt[10] = 'Publish comment';
$lang_txt[11] = 'Clear';
$lang_txt[12] = 'Optional';
$lang_txt[13] = 'HTML code is disabled';
$lang_txt[14] = 'Please write a name';
$lang_txt[15] = 'Please write a comment';
$lang_txt[16] = 'Please wait a few minutes for posting again.';
$lang_txt[17] = 'Username';
$lang_txt[18] = 'Password';
$lang_txt[19] = 'Login';
$lang_txt[20] = 'Please write your username';
$lang_txt[21] = 'Please write your password';
$lang_txt[22] = 'Error: Invalid username/password combination.';
$lang_txt[23] = 'Home';
$lang_txt[24] = 'Manage Comments';
$lang_txt[25] = 'Help';
$lang_txt[26] = 'Logout';
$lang_txt[27] = 'Welcome';
$lang_txt[28] = 'Statistics';
$lang_txt[29] = 'Total comments:';
$lang_txt[30] = 'Checking writing permissions';
$lang_txt[31] = 'OK';
$lang_txt[32] = 'Warning';
$lang_txt[33] = 'Note: If the permission files is in Warning, please change the writing permissions to CHMOD: 777.';
$lang_txt[34] = 'Change username and password';
$lang_txt[35] = 'New password';
$lang_txt[36] = 'Repeat password';
$lang_txt[37] = 'Please write your new password';
$lang_txt[38] = 'Please rewrite your new password';
$lang_txt[39] = 'Save';
$lang_txt[40] = 'Your admin account has been modified, please login again.';
$lang_txt[41] = 'Error: Your password is wrong.';
$lang_txt[42] = 'Edit or delete comments';
$lang_txt[43] = 'Showing the latest 15 comments per page.';
$lang_txt[44] = 'Author';
$lang_txt[45] = 'Date';
$lang_txt[46] = 'Actions';
$lang_txt[47] = 'Edit';
$lang_txt[48] = 'delete';
$lang_txt[49] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this comment?';
$lang_txt[50] = 'Reset';
$lang_txt[51] = 'The comment has been edited.';
$lang_txt[52] = 'The comment has been deleted.';
$lang_txt[53] = 'Edit comment';
$lang_txt[54] = 'Help (English only)';
$lang_txt[55] = 'There are too many characters in your comment.';
$lang_txt[56] = 'There are too many paragraphs in your comment.';
$lang_txt[57] = 'Your IP is';
$lang_txt[58] = 'You have been banned by the guestbook admin. Please contact him for asking why have you been banned.';
$lang_txt[59] = 'IP functions';
$lang_txt[60] = 'Ban IPs';
$lang_txt[61] = 'The IP has been banned.';
$lang_txt[62] = 'The IP has been restored.';
$lang_txt[63] = 'Ban IP address';
$lang_txt[64] = 'Restore IP address';
$lang_txt[65] = 'Ban IP';
$lang_txt[66] = 'Restore IP';
$lang_txt[67] = 'You did not ban any IP yet.';
$lang_txt[68] = 'Name and message are required fields.';
$lang_txt[69] = 'RicarGBook Install - Create your admin account';
$lang_txt[70] = 'Create an account';
$lang_txt[71] = 'Create account';
$lang_txt[72] = 'Please change the writing permissions to CHMOD 777 before you can create an admin account.';
$lang_txt[73] = 'Your admin account has been successfully created. Please delete this file in order to avoid security risks.';
$lang_txt[74] = 'Security Code';
$lang_txt[75] = 'Security Code is required';
$lang_txt[76] = 'Security Code is incorrect';
$lang_txt[77] = 'Configuration';
$lang_txt[78] = 'Admin Account';
$lang_txt[79] = 'Censored Words';
$lang_txt[80] = 'Guestbook settings has been edited';
$lang_txt[81] = 'The censored word has been saved';
$lang_txt[82] = 'Sign Guestbook';
$lang_txt[83] = 'Edit guestbook settings';
$lang_txt[84] = 'Guestbook name:';
$lang_txt[85] = 'Default language:';
$lang_txt[86] = 'Choose template:';
$lang_txt[87] = 'Homepage name:';
$lang_txt[88] = 'Homepage url:';
$lang_txt[89] = 'Post settings';
$lang_txt[90] = 'Comments per page:';
$lang_txt[91] = 'Characters per comment:';
$lang_txt[92] = 'Paragraphs per comment:';
$lang_txt[93] = 'Allow censored words:';
$lang_txt[94] = 'Flood protection:';
$lang_txt[95] = 'Enter a censored word:';
$lang_txt[96] = 'Remove Censored word';
$lang_txt[97] = 'Guestbook offline:';
$lang_txt[98] = 'Offline Message:';
$lang_txt[99] = 'Date format:';
$lang_txt[100] = 'Show security code:';
$lang_txt[101] = 'Language:';
$lang_txt[102] = 'A message that displays if your guestbook is offline';
$lang_txt[103] = 'GD graphics library is required to display the security code';
$lang_txt[104] = 'Indicates in minutes the time that a guest have to wait before posting a new comment.';
$lang_txt[105] = 'Time format:';
$lang_txt[106] = 'Time offset:';
$lang_txt[107] = 'View Guestbook';
$lang_txt[108] = 'Error Log';
$lang_txt[109] = 'Remove All';
$lang_txt[110] = 'Are you sure you want to remove all error messages?';
$lang_txt[111] = 'Error messages has been removed.';
$lang_txt[112] = 'Approval messages:';
$lang_txt[113] = 'You must approve the comments before publishing them.';
$lang_txt[114] = 'Approved';
$lang_txt[115] = 'Your comment must be approved by the guestbook admin before being published. Thanks.';
$lang_txt[116] = 'Error Message';
$lang_txt[117] = 'Page';
$lang_txt[118] = 'of';
$lang_txt[119] = 'Previous';
$lang_txt[120] = 'Next';
$lang_txt[121] = 'Email';
$lang_txt[122] = 'Location';
$lang_txt[123] = 'Smileys';
$lang_txt[124] = 'Spam Filter';
$lang_txt[125] = '';
$lang_txt[126] = 'Here you can store prohibited words used for spambots like links. RicarGBooK will ignore any comment with these words.';
$lang_txt[127] = 'Enter a new prohibited word:';
$lang_txt[128] = 'Remove a prohibited word';
$lang_txt[129] = 'Remove Selected';
$lang_txt[130] = 'The prohibited word has been successfuly stored to the spam log';
$lang_txt[131] = 'The prohibited word has been successfuly removed from the spam log';
$lang_txt[132] = 'Please do not use "http" or "href" in your comment';
$lang_txt[133] = 'You did not save anything here yet.';
$lang_txt[134] = 'The censored word has been removed';
$lang_txt[135] = 'Email notification:';
$lang_txt[136] = 'Admin email address:';
$lang_txt[137] = 'Send an email when a new comment is submitted.';
$lang_txt[138] = 'Your email address will be always hide for guests.';
$lang_txt[139] = 'You have a new message';
$lang_txt[140] = 'Hi Admin.<br />You have a new message on your guestbook.';
$lang_txt[141] = 'Error: All fields are obligatory.';
$lang_txt[142] = 'Error: Incorrect email address format.';
$lang_txt[143] = 'Get away form my guestbook spambot.';
$lang_txt[144] = 'Error: Unknown ip address or link using http or href.';

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