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RepMan - Reporter of planned jobs

  1. Briefly about RepMan
  2. How growed up an idea
  3. Used technology
  4. Working principle
  5. Install files
  6. Installing

1. Briefly about RepMan
RepMan is reporting system for watchkeeping jobs which are executed periodically (e.g.backup). Main advantage of RepMan is that he sends information about every job including jobs, which didn't deliver results.

2. How growed up an idea
RepMan project was iniciated by my co-worker. He needed some solution for watchkeeping periodically executed jobs (typically: backup, synchronization, connection test). Any solution, which we were find, didn't correspond with our need.

3. Used technology
RepMan is written in PHP, it uses MySQL database. For giving results from batch-files to RepMan I recommend GNU utility called wget.

4. Working principle
A batch-file, which takes control of job, sends job results by HTTP query (using e.g. wget utility) to RepMan. It includes parameters with number of client, job and finally errorlevel. RepMan saves this results to DB. Once a day it takes new results and compares them with own scheduler. (In RepMan's scheduler are defined combinations client+job and period of check). If RepMan doesn't find any new result of combination, which is defined in scheduler for the check, it creates new record for this combination with result (status) NotAvailable. At the end of its work, it sends reports by e-mail (or SMS e-mail) to selected users.

5. Install files and content
RepMan is distributed as file repman-<version>.zip or repman-<version>.tar.gz. This file contains:
  repman    (project directory)
    - help    (directory with included help files)
      * img     (directory with images for included help)
    - img   (directory with included images)
    - inc   (directory with included main project data)
    - log   (directory with logging files)
    - sc    (directory with CSS file)
  repman.sql    MySQL database dump file
  *.php     (main project files)
  COPYRIGHT.TXT   license file - LGPL v.2.1
  CHANGES.TXT   list of changes in project
  INSTALL.TXT   this file

6. Installing
* Unpack archive into your HTTP server root (e.g. /var/www/html, c:\apache\htdocs)
* create new database in your MySQL server (CREATE DATABASE 'repman';)
* upload dump into new database (SOURCE 'repman.sql';)
* edit config.php file (mcedit ./repman/inc/config.php):
    - set full UNC path to repman (server/path)
    - set database connection settings ($db_kam is DB server, $db_kdo is DB username, $db_pas is password, $db_nazev is name of database)
    - set your notify e-mail (this mail obtains report with all report job results)
    - you can change your service password (his MD5 hash) in $access_pass
    - save changes
* test your new buddy - RepMan - by typing his HTTP path in your web browser
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