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v0.8 beta 2008-12-18
* czech help was finished

v0.7 RC2 Update 1 2008-07-28
* mail.php anchor text in HtmL report e-mail (http://repman/reporter/ updated as $GLOBALS["http_url"])

v0.7 RC2 2008-07-16
* SMS e-mail style (shortening)
+ new help items (jobs, mailing list..) 

v0.6 RC1 2008-07-07
+ editing
+ removing some records
+ group parameter (yyyymmdd)
+ 1st May (2008) constraint (in calendar listing)
+ anchor to group report in HTML report e-mail 
* "job" renamed to "plan"
* adding first user, client, job, job-type
* information bar
* post action script url in report.php
* GPL v.1 replaced by LGPL v.2.1 (to enable using in non-free application)

v0.5 2008-06-24
+ mailing list and its redesign
+ web report filter by user (defined in mailing list)
+ sending HtmL report e-mail to users in 'mailing list'
+ sending sms e-mail about status (count of OK, N-A and ERR)
+ adding users and items for mailing list
* CSS design of HtmL report e-mail

v0.4 2008-05-28
+ table mailing, user
+ user privileges for operations (adding), not for viewing
+ about RepMan
+ context help
+ help topics: report, HtmL report e-mail

v0.3 2008-05-19
* at end on run.php calling mail script
+ report mailing to address defined in config.php

v0.2 2008-05-16
* Processing all sheduled jobs
+ Processing unsheduled jobs
* Report view recognises error levels and colour them
+ Option to make test client and job

v0.1 - 1st edition 2008-05-12

+ Job, jobtype, client adding.
+ Report viewing.
+ Processing sheduled jobs (DoW, DoM - number of day)
+ Logging functions (error, input, debug)
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