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REMLAB Web Mech Designer


Installation is relatively simple, as there are no major special needs for this application; other than an Apache server that can process PHP 4/5 scripts and the "RewriteEngine" on.

Installing REMLAB on a web server should be as simple as uploading the 'remlab' folder/directory onto the desired web server. I'm still new at this, so it *might* not be as simple for some, but it should be.


All of the most recent browsers seem to work properly with REMLAB.

However, printing results vary from one browser and OS to the next. In my limited testing, Firefox seems to produce the the best results.


The main inspiration for the design of this program was from the old 'Btech' Mech designer created by Todd A. Anderson, with a few others thrown into the mix.


Developed by: http://www.marchtwenty.com/

Information about Battletech can be found at: http://www.classicbattletech.com/

Modified on: April 11, 2009
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