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$title = 'New Application Instructions';

<h1>Creating New Application...</h1>

foreach($messages as $message) {
	echo $message, '<br />';

<h2><span class="highlight">Last Step</span>: Activate <span class="highlight"><?php echo $applicationFullClass; ?></span> in recess-conf.php</h2>
<p>To enable your application open the Recess config file: <span class="highlight"><?php echo $_ENV['dir.bootstrap']; ?>recess-conf.php</span></p>
<p>Find the RecessConf::$applications array and <span class="highlight">add the following application string</span>:</p>
<pre name="code" class="php:nogutter">
     = array(
         '<?php echo $applicationFullClass; ?>', // &lt;-- ADD THIS LINE

<h2><span class="highlight">Did you add that line?</span> Great! Have fun building <a href="<?php echo $controller->urlTo('app', $applicationClass); ?>"><?php echo $appName; ?></a>!</h2>
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