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this software (real-estate-management-software.org) is 100% free and may be used free of charge. you may not redistribute or sell this software for commercial profit.

-copy all files to your web host<br>
-use <a href="http://www.phpmyadmin.net" target="_blank">phpmyadmin</a> or your <a href="http://www.mysql.com/" target="_blank">mysql</a> interface to run admin/db.sql against your database.<br>
-chmod 777 upload/ and upload/tmp/<br>
-open site.xml and edit the database section with your database details.<br>
-go to admin/ and login with username of admin with a password of test.<br>
-be sure to change the passwords for the admin and regular user.<br>

<p>Setup the site.xml file with your database settings as follows.</p>
	&#60;database type="mysql"><br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;server>database server address&#60;/server><br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;login>database login&#60;/login><br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;password>database password&#60;/password><br />
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;default>mysql database name&#60;/default><br />

<p>Add this to your htaccess file to prevent viewing of the xml config file.</p>

<textarea cols="30" rows="6">
<Files ~ ".xml">
   Order allow,deny
   Deny from all
   Satisfy All

<p>check <a href="http://real-estate-management-software.org">real-estate-management-software.org</a> for updates.</p>

<p>Contributed Helpful Information:</p>

<p>To display parts of a template only if contains a value:<br>
<textarea cols="60" rows="6">
if(('{WATER}' == '0') || ('{WATER}'=='NULL') ) { document.write("") }
else { document.write('<tr><td class="left-tr">Water:</td> <td
class="border-tr">Yes</td></tr>' )};

If you receive any "Notice: Undefined Index" errors. The work-around has been to set the auto-session
option in PHP.INI to ON.

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