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Installing notes:

Once you have unpacked the .zip file you should have a folders structure like:
- readenglish
	- basedatos
	- images
	- lib

This folder has to be installed in the Web server: 
Typicaly, in an Apache Web server in Windows could be copied to:
	- C:\Archivos de programa\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs

You also need to have MySQL database server intalled in the localhost where the Apache Web Server is installed
- You have to create a database with the name "readenglish"
	- Server: 	localhost
	- Database:	readenglish
- You have to create a user with the name: 
	- user:		readenglish
	- password:	readenglish_english
- And the permits: SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT

For a change in this configuration see the file: basedatos_con.php

Once you have create the database, you can restore the backup file located in the folder basedatos:
- basedatos/readenglish yyyymmdd hhii.sql

The aplicattion was developed with:
Apache2.2 and MySQL 5.0

If the instalation is correct:
1- Apache Web server has to be Started
2- MySQL Instance has to be started
3- Open a Web browser and type the URL:
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