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                              RCSManager v0.3
                              17 juillet 2002
                          VAITINADAPOULE Giovanni

1. Project Full Name

RCS Manager

2. Project Purpose and Summarization

This is a PHP front-end for RCS developped on a Linux Platform with a C++ utility.  In addition to all of the RCS functions
, we pay particular attention to Dublin Core meta-information compliance.  The front-end can be used as either a developmen
t file-version control system or a office file-version control system.  In regards to web projets, we allow check-outs and 
check-outs to and from arbitrary file hierarchies and the browser.

3. License

GNU General Public License (GPL)

4. Project Public Description

CSV too heavy for you ?  Work on a web plateform and want a simple way to manage versions of individual files ?  Simple ver
sion control with RCS Manager is for you !  Built on a simple PHP plateform with an itsy bitsy bit of C++, you'll be up and
 running with the web interface from a Linux server in no time.

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