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This software still alpha release

step 1

To run this application make sure you have 
1. Apache Web server 2
2. Mysql Server 4 or upper version
3. PHP 5 or upper version
Running or have xampp installed

step 2
extract rcms.tar.gz to your www folder

step 3
create database named rcms

step 4
import database on /database/rcms.sql.gz to your rcms database (newly created on step 3)

step 5
make sure you change /classes/config_default.php to meet your server need
the default is setting for dsn is
$dsn = "mysql://root:@localhost/rcms"; --> if you installed xampp maybe you dont need to change this line but if you have another user name or password for your mysql database you can change this line
$dsn = "mysql://<username>:<password>@<database_server_name>/<database_name>";

step 6 
open your browser and point your address to rcms on your http server

step 7 
login as course administrator
default login name and password is
name : lee
password : 89757

you can manage your course (create new administrator, tutor or student and administrating your course site)

if you have difficulty or problem you may contact me on my email hide@address.com or hide@address.com
or if you have suggestion please tell me
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