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include ("pagefunctions.php");

gentop("About KodeBlue");

echo "<h1 align='center'>About the KodeBlue Team</h1>\n<div align=\"center\"><img src='images/tuxdig.gif'><br></div><br>";
echo "<br><strong><big>About Radtracker:</strong></big><br>
Radtracker was designed using PHP with a MySQL database backend.  Following an open-source software model for object-oriented design,
MCW's Kode Blue team was able to rapidly develop the tool by taking advantage of other open-source tools such as GNU-Linux and Apache.
Project Lead/Lead Database Programmer- Paul Nagy<br>
Assistant Database Programmer/Lead Designer/Lead Graphics - Max Warnock<br>
Networking Manager/Assistant Graphics- Mark Daly<br>";

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