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$L['Coppa']['Form_info']='Instructions for a Parent or Guardian. Please print out this page, sign it and fax it or mail it to:';
$L['Coppa']['Permission']='Permission to participate to the board';
$L['Coppa']['Child_name']='Child member Name, firstname';
$L['Coppa']['Child_login']='Child member Username';
$L['Coppa']['Child_email']='Child member e-mail (if any)';
$L['Coppa']['Child_privacy']='Privacy mode (e-mail visible for)';
$L['Coppa']['Members']='Members only';
$L['Coppa']['Agreement']='I have reviewed the information my child has supplied and I have read the Privacy Policy for the web site. I understand that the profile information may be changed by him using a password. I understand that I may ask for this registration profile to be removed entirely.';
$L['Coppa']['Parent_name']='Parent/Guardian Name, firstname';
$L['Coppa']['Parent_relation']='Relation to child';
$L['Coppa']['Parent_email']='E-mail address';
$L['Coppa']['Parent_sign']='Signature and date';
$L['Coppa']['End']='If approval is not received in 7 days the information will be deleted.';

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