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QuickSkin Methods:

  Assigns content to a template property. Can be strings, no arrays.
  (Please read the properties.txt document for examples).

  Loads a supplementary template to the main template. Primarily used for
  advertising banners, right columns, login boxes or member menus, etc. All
  functionality available to the main template is also available to the sub
  template (variable substitution, etc.). 

  Assigns content to a template placeholder or a list. Can be used on associative
  arrays and scalars.

  Appends content to a template placeholder. Can be used on associative arrays and

  Activates the built in output cache. Checks if the executed script
  (ref. $_SERVER[REQUEST URI]) has produced any output whithin a certain period of
  time. If so, use_cache sends the cached page to the standard output (Browser) and
  terminates any further script execution.  
  If no valid output is available, use_cache activates the PHP output buffer and returns
  to the script form which it was called. During the following script execution, use_cache
  captures all output that is send to the browser and stores it in a temporary cache file.
  The filename of this cach file is a unique key that is created by modulating the current
  script filename, its GET-parameters (REQUEST_URI) and the optional key parameter.  
  If any important logging is done by this script, this has to be done before use_cache
  is called. 

  Parses template and returns result page (usually to a variable).

  Parses template and sends to standard output (Browser). 

  Activates the built in template debugger. Debug can be called instead of or in addition
  to output. It prints a detailed list of all assigned variables and their content, the
  compiled template and a the structured source template.
  Debug can be very helpful for locating and removing errors in your template. 

$contents = $page->getContents($param)
  $param can be either a variable containing the contents, or a filename with full path.
  Does some basic substitutions in advance of the class parsing the template and contents.
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