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Version 5.0 - January 01 2009
- First version designed specifically for PHP5
- Changed default for 'reuse_code' to false
- Added LPGL script dp.SyntaxHighlighter 
- Added Extension 'codesnippetstart'
- Added Extension 'codesnippetend'
- changed behavior of all extensions - they no longer set the $_CONFIG array variales
- added new default template
- added code for Syntax Highlighter

using Syntax Highlighter:

In your HTML code, add:
... your php code
Everything else is done for you.
Please note that if you want to include the PHP start tag (ie. <?php ) and the PHP end tag (ie. ?> )
in the code snippeg, you must use them like this:
... the reason for this is that using the PHP start tag and end tag would process the code as a
php script prior to the code snippet display and would mess up the page.

Version 2.2 - July 20 2008 (for PHP4)
- renamed extensions directory to 'qx'
- renamed all extension prefixes to 'qx_'
- fixed auto-loading of extensions
- added sample application
- added ability to read file and strip all unnecessary header and footer HTML code
- added ability to process QuickSkin Extensions in dynamic data

Version 2.1.0rc1 - October 31 2007
- Fixed INCLUDE issue where template files in subdirectories were not being called properly
- Tested and works with PHP4 and PHP5 (5.2.4) ... will not work with E_STRICT

Version 2.0.0rc1 - October 2007
- Changed project name from SmartTemplate to QuickCache
  - modified all file names and function names to conform to new product name
- Added class property for template directory and modified logic in code to support this new property
- Added class method "set" to set class properties (can be explicitly set vs, use of assumptive $_CONFIG variable)
- Added class method "addtpl" to add a supplmentary template (banner ad, etc) that loads at same time as main template
- Added properties to both the parser and debugger to facilitate passing of variables between classes
- Changed all " (double quotes) to ' (single quotes) where possible to enhance performance
- Modified compiled and cached files names to a maximum of 35 characters, plus extension
- Added support for QUERY STRING - particularly important to large scale projects where the query string is widely used
- Merged class.quickskin.php and class.quickskinparser.php into one single file (both are dependent on each other)
- QuickSkin now compatible with CodeIgniter with a simple file name change
  - change filename from class.quickskin.php to Quickskin.php and add to your /system/application/libraries directory
*Note: next version will focus on compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5

Version 1.2.1 - codename Betelgeuse
- A variable can be used as right part of an IF clause
- Added space recognition in IF clauses

Version 1.2.0 - codename Orion
- added subtemplate system
- better error reporting
- some bugfixing

Version 1.0.2 - original developed by Philipp v. Criegern
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