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	$categoryName = 'Discussion';
	$categoryDesc = '';
	$forumName = 'Chat';
	$forumDesc = 'Welcome to the forum. Introduce yourself, ask a question or join in on any conversation here.';
	$topicName = 'Welcome to Quicksilver Forums';
	$topicDesc = '';
	$topicIcon = 'smile.gif';
	$topicPost = "Congratulations on your successful install of {$this->name} {$this->version}. The forum is already setup and ready to go with the default settings. If you haven't already you should delete the install folder to help make your system secure. Then click on the link for Admin CP.
[b]Admin CP[/b]
There you will find all the tools you need to manage your forum. You can create new forums, edit global settings, edit member details and more. It's a good idea to go to [i]Edit board settings[/i] to double check the settings there.
[b]Control Panel[/b]
After you're done in the administration area you should take some time in the member control panel linked above. Go to [i]Edit Preferences[/i] to set your personal preferences for timezone, language and more. Go to [i]Edit Profile[/i] to set contact details and other information.
[b]Get people registering[/b]
If you logout you can see the forum as any new visitor does. You'll want them to register so it's a good idea to click the [i]register[/i] link yourself and see how the form looks as well as making sure it works. Registering not just helps you identify your members but also allows them to set their own preferences, profile and even subscribe to get email notices when new posts are made.
This default forum allows you and registered members to create new topics, new polls and post replies to existing topics or polls. Topics allow you to start a new conversation. Polls are like topics but add the option of voting from a select number of options. Replies are where you contribute to an existing conversation.
[b]Formatting posts[/b]
Formatting is done via BB code. There are some buttons to help you along the way. When creating a new post select some text and press the 'B' button to make that text [b]bold[/b]. Use the URL button to add a link to your post. Click on a face on the left to add a smiley to your post. Feel free to experiment with formatting and pressing preview to see if it turns out how you expect.
[b]Getting help[/b]
If you're having trouble and need some help. Be sure to visit the official [url=http://forums.quicksilverforums.com/index.php?a=forum&f=7]support forum[/url]. In fact it's a good idea to regularly drop by the Quicksilver Forums website to keep up with updates, news and developments.
[b]Modifying your board[/b]
There is already lots of great skins and mods out there that are easy to setup and use. Go to [url=http://planet.quicksilverforums.com/]Planet QSF[/url] for the latest in mods and skins for your site as well as support in using them.
[b]Show your appreciation[/b]
There is no greater reward for the Quicksilver Forums Development Team than seeing you become a [url=http://www.quicksilverforums.com/contributing.html]regular contributor[/url]. There is always lots to do and your help can benefit everyone.";
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