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== FAQ for Quicksilver Forums ==

=== GENERAL ===

* Q. What is Quicksilver Forums?
* A. Quicksilver Forums is a bulletin board system written in PHP 4/5 and MySQL. http://www.quicksilverforums.com/

* Q. What is Mercuryboard?
* A. Mercuryboard is kind of like the father of Quicksilver Forums. QSF was created using it as a starting point. http://www.mercuryboard.com/


* Q. QuickSilver Forums keeps saying that it cannot update settings.php when I install it.
* A. This is because the CHMOD setting are lower than 0666 or if you're running a windows server the file is not writable by the webserver.

* Q. How do you change the CHMOD settings on Dreamweaver?
* A. Go to the ftp log and type in <tt>site CHMOD 666 /myForumFolder/settings.php</tt>. We recommend using another FTP program such as Smart FTP. Dreamweaver is not well suited to moving files around.

* Q. It wants details for a MySQL database. I don't know how to create one!
* A. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/database-use.html Also your hosting provider may have created tools to help you manage MySQL. Speak to your hosting provider, they are there to help you.

* Q. Does Quicksilver Forums work on databases other than MySQL?
* A. Not at this time.

* Q. I can't post! / How do you create forums?
* A. Go into "admin cp -> Create a forum" and create a CATEGORY and set the permissions to default. Now go to" Create a forum" again and create a forum using that category and using the permissions from that category.

* Q. Why do I have to create categories?
* A. Every forum must exist within a category. And forums can act as a category for other forums. You can make a very complex hierarchy if you wish but it must have at least 1 category and 1 forum.

* Q. Should I use Full permissions or No Permissions when creating forums?
* A. Generally no. They can be useful for advanced operators of live/test sites.

* Q. How do i allow guests to post?
* A. Change their permissions in "admin cp -> Edit a group's permissions" to allow "Create polls", "Create replies" and "Create topics" in specified forums.


* Q. The board is blank or garbled.
* A. In your Admin CP, go to Edit Board Settings and disable GZIP. 

=== ADVANCED ===

* Q. Can I look at the database?
* A. There is a tool in the admin cp to allow running SQL queries for advanced users. Or we can recommend using phpMyAdmin for browsing the structure / data.

* Q. Can I put PHP code into templates?
* A. Generally no. But you can get createive using the following syntax: <tt><IF (php condition)>(html output)</IF></tt> And there are also modlets that allow you to drop in code <tt><MODLET mymodletname()></tt>

* Q. I think I found a bug?
* A. Visit the website, search to see if someone found it already, if not then report what happened and how to repeat it.

* Q. Can I help the Quicksilver Forums team?
* A. Visit the website and jump right in. It's an open house party!

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