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 MercuryBoard Credits

Jason Warner <jason at mercuryboard.com>
    * Co-founder
    * Primary developer

Mark Elliot <mark.elliot at mercuryboard.com>
    * Co-founder
    * Developer

Jay Little <jayphp at tampabay.rr.com>
    * Quality assurance team leader
    * Bug reports and support

Gene Shepherd <imporiumdotorg at comcast.net>
    * New emoticon set
    * Bug reports

Mark Plachetta <astroboy at zip.com.au>
    * MbCode JavaScript and other JavaScript feats
    * Bug reports

Jay Reed <jreed at jreednet.com>
    * Hosts CVS nightly checkout system
    * Bug reports and quality assurance

Jared Kuolt <jared.kuolt at gmail.com>
    * HTML Installation Guide
    * Admin help editor

Daniel Wilhelm II Murdoch <wilhelm at cyberxtreme.org>
    * E-mail class

Geoffrey Dunn <geoff at warmage.com>
    * Recent topics

Kristopher Powell <klpowell at trenden.net>
Roger Libiez [Samson] http://www.iguanadons.net
    * RSS Feed


Translations are maintained by:
    * Bulgarian, Vratza Online <info at vratza.com>
    * Chinese, Anonymous
    * Czech, Yarda Horák <replay69 at seznam.cz>
    * Dutch, Martijn Meijer <qw70 at hotmail.com>
    * English, Jason Warner <jason at mercuryboard.com>
    * Finnish, Vesa Piittinen <vesa at merri.net>
    * French, Stephane Revel <st_garp98 at hotmail.com>
    * German, Ralf Krienke <myself at brain666.de>
    * Hebrew, Anonymous
    * Hungarian, Szász Attila <helpdesk at maximedia.hu>
    * Indonesian, Deco <deco1895 at yahoo.com>
    * Italian, Filippo Bovo <ikari at ctonet.it>
    * Norwegian, JGS <sag1 at online.no>
    * Portuguese, Miguel Garcia <info at cisiodon.com.br>
    * Russian, Alexey Loshkarev <elf at pechkin.ru>
    * Slovak, Anonymous
    * Spanish, Oscar Puertas <info at sitiosmexico.net>
    * Swedish, Markus Höglund <markus at pidelipom.com>

Many thanks to:
    * Our users for the consistent support of the project
    * Bug reporters for helping to making the project better
    * The community and moderating team at mercuryboard.com
    * The phpMyAdmin team for their fantastic tool, which was heavily used
      during development
    * The JpGraph team for allowing us to use their PHP graphing library
    * Sunsite.dk for free CVS hosting
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