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Quick.Cart by OpenSolution.org

Requirements here:

How to install script:

How to log to admin panel:

How to use script, modify design and script, tips & tricks etc.:

1. Freeware version of Quick.Cart is based on license Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.
You can change all templates except deleting/hiding link to www.OpenSolution.org named "Shopping cart by Quick.Cart".
For more information OR if you want to remove that link visit page http://opensolution.org/license.html

2. Licenses of plugins (mlbox, valums file uploader and tinymce) installed in the script are located in "plugins/" directory.

Copy "database/" directory occasionally. This directory contains pages data, translations and configuration files.
Most hosting providers do backup. Contact with Your hosting provider to get more info.

Important links
http://opensolution.org/ - OpenSolution home page
http://opensolution.org/catalogue/ - Web pages directory based on Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart scripts
http://opensolution.org/Quick.Cart/forum/ - Quick.Cart support forum
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