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	File: qa-include/qa-lang-users.php
	Version: See define()s at top of qa-include/qa-base.php
	Description: Language phrases for user management

	This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
	modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
	as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
	of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
	This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
	but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
	GNU General Public License for more details.

	More about this license: http://www.question2answer.org/license.php

	return array(
		'about' => 'About',
		'add_user_x_favorites' => 'Add user ^ to my favorites',
		'approve_required' => 'Please wait for your account to be approved or ^1add more information^2.',
		'approve_title' => 'User approval pending',
		'approve_user_button' => 'Approve User',
		'approved_user' => 'Approved user',
		'avatar_default' => 'Default',
		'avatar_gravatar' => 'Show my ^1Gravatar^2',
		'avatar_label' => 'Avatar:',
		'avatar_none' => 'None',
		'block_user_button' => 'Block User',
		'blocked_users' => 'Blocked users',
		'category_level_add' => ' - ^1add category-specific privileges^2',
		'category_level_in' => 'for the category below:',
		'category_level_label' => 'Upgraded to:',
		'category_level_none' => 'No upgrade',
		'change_email_link' => ' - ^1change email^2',
		'change_password' => 'Change Password',
		'confirm_complete' => 'Thank you - your email address has been confirmed',
		'confirm_emailed' => 'A confirmation link has been emailed to you. Please click the link to confirm your email address.',
		'confirm_required' => 'To complete your registration, please click the confirmation link that has been emailed to you, or ^1request another^2.',
		'confirm_title' => 'Email Address Confirmation',
		'confirm_wrong_log_in' => 'Code not correct - please ^1log in^2 to send a new link',
		'confirm_wrong_resend' => 'Code not correct - please click below to send a new link',
		'delete_user_button' => 'Delete User',
		'edit_user_button' => 'Edit User',
		'email_confirmed' => 'Confirmed',
		'email_exists' => 'Email already belongs to an account',
		'email_handle_label' => 'Email or Username:',
		'email_invalid' => 'Email is invalid - please check carefully',
		'email_label' => 'Email:',
		'email_not_confirmed' => 'Not yet confirmed',
		'email_please_confirm' => 'Please ^5confirm^6',
		'email_required' => 'Email address required - not public',
		'forgot_link' => 'I forgot my password',
		'full_name' => 'Full name',
		'handle_empty' => 'Username must not be empty',
		'handle_exists' => 'Username is taken - please try another',
		'handle_has_bad' => 'Username may not contain: ^',
		'handle_label' => 'Username:',
		'hide_all_user_button' => 'Hide all posts by this user',
		'last_login_label' => 'Last login:',
		'last_write_label' => 'Last write action:',
		'level_admin' => 'Administrator',
		'level_editor' => 'Editor',
		'level_expert' => 'Expert',
		'level_for_category' => '^1 for ^2',
		'level_in_general' => 'in general',
		'level_moderator' => 'Moderator',
		'level_super' => 'Super Administrator',
		'location' => 'Location',
		'log_in_to_access' => 'You may now ^1log in^2 to access your account.',
		'login_button' => 'Log In',
		'login_limit' => 'Too many login attempts - please try again in an hour',
		'login_title' => 'Log in',
		'mass_mailings_explanation' => 'Subscribe to emails sent out to all users',
		'mass_mailings' => 'Mass mailings:',
		'member_for' => 'Member for:',
		'member_type' => 'Type:',
		'new_password_1' => 'New password:',
		'new_password_2' => 'Retype new password:',
		'no_blocked_users' => 'No blocked users found',
		'no_permission' => 'You do not have permission to perform this operation',
		'old_password' => 'Old password:',
		'only_shown_admins' => '(only shown to admins)',
		'only_shown_editors' => '(only shown to editors and above)',
		'only_shown_experts' => '(only shown to experts and above)',
		'only_shown_moderators' => '(only shown to moderators and admins)',
		'password_changed' => 'Password changed',
		'password_label' => 'Password:',
		'password_min' => 'Password must be at least ^ characters',
		'password_mismatch' => 'New passwords do not match',
		'password_none' => 'None. To log in directly, set a password below.',
		'password_sent' => 'Your new password was emailed to you',
		'password_to_set' => 'Please set on your account page',
		'password_wrong' => 'Password not correct',
		'private_messages_explanation' => 'Allow users to email you (without seeing your address)',
		'private_messages' => 'Private messages:',
		'profile_saved' => 'Profile saved',
		'wall_posts' => 'Wall posts:',
		'wall_posts_explanation' => 'Allow users to post on your wall (you will also be emailed)',
		'register_button' => 'Register',
		'register_limit' => 'Too many registrations - please try again in an hour',
		'register_suspended' => 'Registration of new users has been temporarily suspended. Please try again soon.',
		'register_title' => 'Register as a new user',
		'registered_label' => 'Registered:',
		'registered_user' => 'Registered user',
		'remember_label' => 'Remember me on this computer',
		'remember' => 'Remember',
		'remove_avatar' => 'Remove avatar:',
		'reset_code_another' => 'send another',
		'reset_code_emailed' => 'You have been emailed your reset code',
		'reset_code_label' => 'Code:',
		'reset_code_wrong' => 'Code not correct',
		'reset_title' => 'Reset Forgotten Password',
		'save_profile' => 'Save Profile',
		'save_user' => 'Save User',
		'send_confirm_button' => 'Send Confirmation Link',
		'send_password_button' => 'Send New Password',
		'send_reset_button' => 'Send Reset Password Email',
		'send_reset_note' => 'A message will be sent to your email address with instructions.',
		'special_users' => 'Special users',
		'unblock_user_button' => 'Unblock User',
		'unsubscribe_complete' => 'You have been unsubscribed from mass mailings sent out by ^0. You may resubscribe at any time via your ^1account^2 page.', 
		'unsubscribe_title' => 'Unsubscribe',
		'unsubscribe_wrong_log_in' => 'Code not correct - please ^1log in^2 to unsubscribe',
		'unsubscribe' => 'Unsubscribe:',
		'user_blocked' => '(blocked)',
		'user_not_found' => 'User not found',
		'website' => 'Website',
		'x_ago_from_y' => '^1 ago from ^2',

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