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	File: qa-include/qa-lang-profile.php
	Version: See define()s at top of qa-include/qa-base.php
	Description: Language phrases for user profile page

	This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
	modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
	as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
	of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
	This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
	but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
	GNU General Public License for more details.

	More about this license: http://www.question2answer.org/license.php

	return array(
		'1_chosen_as_best' => ' (1 chosen as best)',
		'1_down_vote' => '1 down vote',
		'1_up_vote' => '1 up vote',
		'1_with_best_chosen' => ' (1 with best answer chosen)',
		'activity_by_x' => 'Activity by ^',
		'answers_by_x' => 'Answers by ^',		
		'answers' => 'Answers:',
		'bonus_points' => 'Bonus points:',
		'comments' => 'Comments:',
		'delete_wall_post_popup' => 'Delete this wall post',
		'extra_privileges' => 'Extra privileges:',
		'gave_out' => 'Gave out:',
		'my_account_title' => 'My account details',
		'no_answers_by_x' => 'No answers by ^',
		'no_posts_by_x' => 'No posts by ^',
		'no_questions_by_x' => 'No questions by ^',
		'permit_anon_view_ips' => 'Viewing IPs of anonymous posts',
		'permit_close_q' => 'Closing any question',
		'permit_delete_hidden' => 'Deleting hidden posts',
		'permit_edit_a' => 'Editing any answer',
		'permit_edit_c' => 'Editing any comment',
		'permit_edit_q' => 'Editing any question',
		'permit_edit_silent' => 'Editing posts silently',
		'permit_flag' => 'Flagging posts',
		'permit_hide_show' => 'Hiding or showing any post',
		'permit_moderate' => 'Approving or rejecting posts',
		'permit_post_a' => 'Answering questions',
		'permit_post_c' => 'Adding comments',
		'permit_post_q' => 'Asking questions',
		'permit_post_wall' => 'Posting on user walls',
		'permit_recat' => 'Recategorizing any question',
		'permit_retag' => 'Retagging any question',
		'permit_select_a' => 'Selecting answer for any question',
		'permit_view_q_page' => 'Viewing question pages',
		'permit_view_voters_flaggers' => 'Viewing who voted or flagged posts',
		'permit_vote_a' => 'Voting on answers',
		'permit_vote_down' => 'Voting posts down',
		'permit_vote_q' => 'Voting on questions',
		'post_wall_blocked' => 'This user has disallowed new posts on their wall',
		'post_wall_button' => 'Add wall post',
		'post_wall_empty' => 'Please enter something to post on this wall',
		'post_wall_limit' => 'You cannot write more wall posts this hour',
		'post_wall_must_be_approved' => 'Your account must be approved to post on this wall.',
		'post_wall_must_confirm' => 'Please ^5confirm your email address^6 to post on this wall.',
		'post_wall_must_login' => 'Please ^1log in^2 or ^3register^4 to post on this wall.',
		'questions_by_x' => 'Questions by ^',
		'questions' => 'Questions:',
		'ranked_x' => ' (ranked #^)',
		'received' => 'Received:',
		'recent_activity_by_x' => 'Recent activity by ^',
		'score' => 'Score:',
		'send_private_message' => ' - ^1send private message^2',
		'set_bonus_button' => 'Update bonus',
		'title' => 'Title:',
		'user_x' => 'User ^',
		'voted_on' => 'Voted on:',
		'wall_for_x' => 'Wall for ^',
		'wall_view_more' => 'View more wall posts...',
		'x_chosen_as_best' => ' (^ chosen as best)',
		'x_down_votes' => '^ down votes',
		'x_up_votes' => '^ up votes',
		'x_with_best_chosen' => ' (^ with best answer chosen)',

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