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A script for creating the db_vars_inc file.
This script can be used stand-alone (password in password.php), or by way of direct calling.
By: Jonathan "Moriarty"
On: 14/4/03

//Get the db connectivity details, as well as game_dir.

$db = db_connect($database_host, $database_user, $database_password, $database, $database_persistent);

db(__FILE__,__LINE__,"select * from ${db_name}_users where login_id = '$login_id'");
$user = dbr();

//initial error checking, and security measures
if($user[login_id] != 1 || $var_source != 0) {
	echo "Access Denied to user on IP ".$REMOTE_ADDR;

//ensure a DB has been selected
	echo "No database was selected.<form action=$PHP_SELF method=post><input type=hidden name=pass value=$pass><br /> Database: <input type=text name=db_name><p><input type=submit></form>";

//location of the file in relation to the games directory.
$file_loc = "$map_path/$db_name/db_vars.inc.php";

//open a stream
$stream = @fopen($file_loc, "w");

//ensure a stream could be created
	echo "Unable to create db_vars.inc.php in the specified location.<p>Ensure you have the necassary permissions, and that the sub-directory $db_name does exist in the Maps directory.";

//extra error checking.
} elseif (!is_writable($file_loc)) {
	echo "Unable to write to the specified file for some reason. Ensure permissions are valid.";

//start the output string
$output_str = "<?php\n//Database: $db_name, ".date("F j, Y, g:i:s a")."\n\n";

//do the DB stuff
$db = db_connect($database_host, $database_user, $database_password, $database, $database_persistent);
db(__FILE__,__LINE__,"select name, value from ${db_name}_db_vars order by name");
while($db_var = dbr()){
	$output_str .= "\$$db_var[name] = '$db_var[value]';\n";

//output the final file
if(!fwrite($stream, $output_str."?>")){
	echo "For some reason the file could not be written to. Ensure permissions are valid.";
} else {
	echo "Variables successfully created for Database <b>$db_name</b>";

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