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To quicly prepare PuszForum to work you have to do belowed steps.

1 Put forum (this what you unzip) directory in your website direcotry.

2. If you need to. Go to the forum/data directory and give every files in permision to write and read
(If this files dont have this perms you see only errors when you start PuszForum)

3 Now enter your web adress ending forum (for exapmle http://www.mywww.com/forum/)
This will allow you to see a first window of forum. 

4. Edit in your notepad file index.php (in forum directory) to change the welcome text

5. Start the phpPuszAdmin to set categories to your forum (for example http://www.mywww.com/forum/phpPuszAdmin/)
 Thera are login and password to enter. Now the login is : somelog   and the password is : somepass
 To change this edit conf.php in phpPuszAdmin directory

Thats all.

If you want to change design of PuszForum. Simply edit top-design and down-design.
This files are included in every part of forum.
Feel free to modyficate files in forum direcotory (There are only design files). The true engine files is stored in php direcotry

If you have any questions. Or you want to see how this forum could work go to

PuszForum author: Puszkin
www: http://www.puszkinsite.prv.pl/
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