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1.	Install PHP (version > 4.3.0) and web server (any). The php_iconv and php_gettext extensions should be enabled.
NOTE: Application tested on PHP 4.3.8 and 4.3.11. Version 4.3.9 have some bugs which prevent working of application.
2.	Make sure that PEAR package installed. For Unix PHP installation it normally exists already. Windows usually requires installing it, executing “go-pear.bat” located near the php.exe. For troubleshooting look at http://pear.php.net
3.	Install released PEAR packages, typing in command line:
>pear install DB_DataObject
4. Install not officially released but used PEAR packages. Such packaged located in pear subfolder of SEMA archive.  Please note, that even new version of such packages released we cannot guarantee that they will work with SEMA. So, please use packaged with archive.
>pear install <path> File_Gettext-0.3.3.tgz
>pear install <path> I18Nv2-0.11.3.tgz
>pear install <path> Translation2-2.0.0beta6.tgz
5. Copy content of html subfolder of archive to any location of your httpd server publishing directory.
6. Create mysql database “sema” and import content of sema.sql file.
NOTE 1: You can alternatively import the sema_sample.sql to get more data for learning purposes.
NOTE 2: You can select another name than "sema" but in this case you need to rename "sema.ini" and "sema.links.ini" inside lib/db to "yourdbname.ini" and "yourdbname.links.ini"
7. Open “lib\defines_local.pinc“ and adjust configuration to match your own.
8. Well, hope now you can got to your browser and open url <yourserver><path>sema.php. Logon using root/root.

Startup guide
Now can be found in brief help available in application ("view help" link)
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