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        <title>PUnit 0.10.0 Beta Release Notes</title>
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        <h1>PUnit 0.10.0 Beta Release Notes</h1>
        <p>PUnit is licensed under a BSD style license. A copy of the <a href="./License.html" title="PUnit License">license</a> is included with this release.</p>
        <p>This release of PUnit requires PHP 5.1.0 or later. No PHP extensions or special configuration options are required.</p>
        <p>Full API documentation is available for every PUnit release from the <a href="http://punit.smf.me.uk/" title="PUnit Website">PUnit website</a>.</p>
        <p>User documentation is currently being written and will hopefully be available for download shortly.</p>
        <h3>0.10.0 Beta</h3>
        <li>Major redesign of the error handling mechanism including the introduction of <code>PUnit_ErrorList</code>.</li>
        <li>Minor changes to the unit tests for <code>PUnit_Class</code>.</li>
        <li>API documentation tags updated for compatibility with Eclipse PDT.</li>
        <p>There are two distributions of PUnit: the standard distribution containing the core framework together with its own test suite, and the compact distribution containing only the core framework.</p> 
        <p>Those wishing to test, develop or extend the framework should use the standard distribution, whereas those wishing to package the framework with their own projects should consider using the compact distribution.</p>
        <p>Please report any issues using the <a href="http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=201453" title="PUnit Issue Tracker">PUnit issue tracker</a> on SourceForge.</p>
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