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	Scryed Labs Punchout!
	Timecard System
	Copyright (c) 2005-2007, Scryed Labs
	Punchout! is copyrighted free software by Waheed Ayubi <hide@address.com>.
	You can redistribute it and/or modify it under either the terms of the GPL
	(see COPYING.txt), or the terms of the Artistic License (see README.txt).

	## Database settings.
	define ("MYSQL_HOST", "localhost");
	define ("MYSQL_PORT", "3306");
	define ("MYSQL_USER", "root");
	define ("MYSQL_PASS", "");
	define ("MYSQL_DB", "punchout");
	## Company settings.
	define ("COMPANY_NAME", "Scryed Labs");
	define ("COMPANY_ATTN", "Waheed Ayubi");
	define ("COMPANY_PHONE", "(800) 123-4567");
	define ("COMPANY_EMAIL", "hide@address.com");

	## Customer settings.
	define ("CUSTOMER_COUNT", 3);
	define ("CUSTOMER_1_ID", 100);
	define ("CUSTOMER_1_NAME", "Scryed Labs");
	define ("CUSTOMER_1_ADDRESS", "1 Scryed Path");
	define ("CUSTOMER_1_REGION", "Anaheim, CA 92805");
	define ("CUSTOMER_1_RATE", 50);
	define ("CUSTOMER_2_ID", 101);
	define ("CUSTOMER_2_NAME", "Microsoft");
	define ("CUSTOMER_2_ADDRESS", "One Microsoft Way");
	define ("CUSTOMER_2_REGION", "Redmond, WA 98052-6399");
	define ("CUSTOMER_2_RATE", 65);
	define ("CUSTOMER_3_ID", 102);
	define ("CUSTOMER_3_NAME", "Apple");
	define ("CUSTOMER_3_ADDRESS", "1 Infinite Loop");
	define ("CUSTOMER_3_REGION", "Cupertino, CA 95014");
	define ("CUSTOMER_3_RATE", 70);

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