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<TT>SetLink(<B>int</B> link [, <B>float</B> y [, <B>int</B> page]])</TT>
<H4 CLASS='st'>Version</H4>
<H4 CLASS='st'>Description</H4>
Defines the page and position a link points to.
<H4 CLASS='st'>Parameters</H4>
The link identifier returned by AddLink().
Ordinate of target position; <TT>-1</TT> indicates the current position.
The default value is <TT>0</TT> (top of page).
Number of target page; <TT>-1</TT> indicates the current page. This is the default value.
<H4 CLASS='st'>See also</H4>
<A HREF="addlink.htm">AddLink()</A>.
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