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<TITLE>FPDF 1.53 Reference Manual</TITLE>
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<H2>FPDF 1.53 Reference Manual</H2>
<A HREF="acceptpagebreak.htm">AcceptPageBreak</A> - accept or not automatic page break<BR>
<A HREF="addfont.htm">AddFont</A> - add a new font<BR>
<A HREF="addlink.htm">AddLink</A> - create an internal link<BR>
<A HREF="addpage.htm">AddPage</A> - add a new page<BR>
<A HREF="aliasnbpages.htm">AliasNbPages</A> - define an alias for number of pages<BR>
<A HREF="cell.htm">Cell</A> - print a cell<BR>
<A HREF="close.htm">Close</A> - terminate the document<BR>
<A HREF="error.htm">Error</A> - fatal error<BR>
<A HREF="footer.htm">Footer</A> - page footer<BR>
<A HREF="fpdf.htm">FPDF</A> - constructor<BR>
<A HREF="getstringwidth.htm">GetStringWidth</A> - compute string length<BR>
<A HREF="getx.htm">GetX</A> - get current x position<BR>
<A HREF="gety.htm">GetY</A> - get current y position<BR>
<A HREF="header.htm">Header</A> - page header<BR>
<A HREF="image.htm">Image</A> - output an image<BR>
<A HREF="line.htm">Line</A> - draw a line<BR>
<A HREF="link.htm">Link</A> - put a link<BR>
<A HREF="ln.htm">Ln</A> - line break<BR>
<A HREF="multicell.htm">MultiCell</A> - print text with line breaks<BR>
<A HREF="output.htm">Output</A> - save or send the document<BR>
<A HREF="pageno.htm">PageNo</A> - page number<BR>
<A HREF="rect.htm">Rect</A> - draw a rectangle<BR>
<A HREF="setauthor.htm">SetAuthor</A> - set the document author<BR>
<A HREF="setautopagebreak.htm">SetAutoPageBreak</A> - set the automatic page breaking mode<BR>
<A HREF="setcompression.htm">SetCompression</A> - turn compression on or off<BR>
<A HREF="setcreator.htm">SetCreator</A> - set document creator<BR>
<A HREF="setdisplaymode.htm">SetDisplayMode</A> - set display mode<BR>
<A HREF="setdrawcolor.htm">SetDrawColor</A> - set drawing color<BR>
<A HREF="setfillcolor.htm">SetFillColor</A> - set filling color<BR>
<A HREF="setfont.htm">SetFont</A> - set font<BR>
<A HREF="setfontsize.htm">SetFontSize</A> - set font size<BR>
<A HREF="setkeywords.htm">SetKeywords</A> - associate keywords with document<BR>
<A HREF="setleftmargin.htm">SetLeftMargin</A> - set left margin<BR>
<A HREF="setlinewidth.htm">SetLineWidth</A> - set line width<BR>
<A HREF="setlink.htm">SetLink</A> - set internal link destination<BR>
<A HREF="setmargins.htm">SetMargins</A> - set margins<BR>
<A HREF="setrightmargin.htm">SetRightMargin</A> - set right margin<BR>
<A HREF="setsubject.htm">SetSubject</A> - set document subject<BR>
<A HREF="settextcolor.htm">SetTextColor</A> - set text color<BR>
<A HREF="settitle.htm">SetTitle</A> - set document title<BR>
<A HREF="settopmargin.htm">SetTopMargin</A> - set top margin<BR>
<A HREF="setx.htm">SetX</A> - set current x position<BR>
<A HREF="setxy.htm">SetXY</A> - set current x and y positions<BR>
<A HREF="sety.htm">SetY</A> - set current y position<BR>
<A HREF="text.htm">Text</A> - print a string<BR>
<A HREF="write.htm">Write</A> - print flowing text<BR>
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