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    To set the selected status_id set $selected_status_id to the status id you want selected.
    If $selected_status_id is not set then the empty cell will be selected..
    To set the tab index of the selection box set $tabindex="4"; or whatever the number is you want.

if (is_null($selected_status_id)) {
  $selected_status_id = '';

if (require_once(PF_BASE.'connect.php'))
	$link = connect();

$status_query = 'SELECT STATUS_ID,STATUS FROM resource_status ORDER BY STATUS ASC';
$status_result = mysql_query($status_query);
if (!$status_result) {
	$pfutil = new PFUtil();
	$pfutil->error_page('Unable to select resource status values.');
	<select<?php echo (!is_null($tabindex)) ? ' tabindex="'.$tabindex.'"' : '';?> name="status_id">
        <?php while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($status_result)) { ?>
            <option <?php echo ($row['STATUS_ID']==$selected_status_id)?'selected':'';?> value="<?php echo $row['STATUS_ID'];?>"><?php echo $row['STATUS'];?></option>
        <?php }
  if ($status_result) mysql_free_result($status_result);
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