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************* BKWORKS PRO PHP V 0.5 BETA 1 ***********************
******************** BRYAN KOOIENGA ******************************
****************** DECEMBER 20, 2007 *****************************
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<title>BKWorks ProPHP Walkthrough</title>

<img src="../ads/placeholder_600x120.jpg" width="600" height="120" /><br />
<p>Thank you for downloading BKWorks ProPHP. Installing is rather easy. Just follow these directions and you'll be on your way in just a few minutes.</p>
<p>First, you will need access to a MySQL database. If you haven't already created one, now would be the time.<br />
Once you have access to a database, head to the directory you uploaded the files to (ex http://www.mysite.com/ProPHP). The program will tell you that there was an error connecting to the database. Click the link it gives to start the install process.<br />
<img src="images/InstallLink.jpg" height="260" width="534" /></p>

<p>When the install window comes up, enter your database information. If you don't know how to logon to your database, please refer to your host's documentation. If worst comes to worst, <a href="http://www.bkworksproducts.info?view=contactus" target="_blank">contact me</a> and I'll see what I can do to help.<br />
Once you have these details entered, click the 'Use These Values' button.<br />
<img src="images/DBInfo.jpg" width="707" height="454" /></p>

<p>Installation should begin immediatly after. If there is any red text on the screen, you might want to go back and re-enter your information. If everything worked the way it should, on the bottom of the page, it should give you a link to log-on with.<br />
<img src="images/Install.jpg" height="587" width="596" />

<p>Now, enter 'Admin' and 'bkworks' as the username and 'bkworks' as the password (both without quotes) and click the logon button.<br />
<img src="images/Logon.jpg" width="625" height="333" /></p>

<p>Once you have logged in, you should see a screen that says &quot;Welcome, Admin.&quot; If you don't, then check to make sure that the values you inserted were correct.<br />
On the main menu, you will see 5 options:<br /><br />
Admin Panel: With the Admin Panel, you can change options such as install directory and registration message. You can also look at who has successfully registered and the number of ad servs the particular user has. This is convenient for verifying that the ad-swap network is actually being used to <em>swap</em> ads, not just to display theirs.<br /><br />
Ad Options: This is where users can add, delete, and view their current ads.<br /><br />
Get Ad Scripts: This is where users go to recieve the scripts to show ads on their website.<br /><br />
Change Password: This section speaks for itself.<br /><br />
Log Off: This section also speaks for itself.<br />
<img src="images/HomeScreen.jpg" height="226" width="628" /></p>

<p><b>Click the 'Admin Panel' link.</b><br />
Find the section that says 'Install URL,' and enter the address you uploaded the files to. Then click the 'Submit Values' button.<br /><br />
<img src="images/AdminPanel.jpg" height="169" width="519" /></p>

<h3>Your software is now fully installed!</h3>
<p>Questions? Problems? Comments?<br />
<a href="http://www.bkworksproducts.info?view=contactus">Contact Me</a> or visit our <a href="http://www.bkworksproducts.info/content/forum">Forum</a><br />
Copyright &copy; 2007 BKWorks Products. All rights reserved.</p>
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