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<h3>Syntax used in wiki.<br>
<p>Coming from <a href="http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/index.php?TextFormattingRules" target="_blank">wiki 
  site</a>. </p>
<p><b>Paragraphs </b></p>
  <li> Don't indent paragraphs.</li>
  <li>Use blank lines as separators. </li>
  <li>Words wrap and fill automatically. </li>
  <li>Three percent signs (%) will generate a linebreak.</li>
  <li>Four or more minus signs make a horizontal rule. </li>
<p><b>Lists </b></p>
  <li>Begin a line with * to create an unordered list item. </li>
  <li>Use ** for the second level, etc. </li>
  <li>Use "*" for bullet lists, "1" or "#" for numbered lists (mix at will). </li>
  <li>3spaces-Term:-3spaces Definition for definition lists Use one line for each 
    list item.</li>
<p><b>Fonts </b></p>
  <li>Indent with one or more spaces to use a monospace font: Indented Paragraphs 
    (Quotes) </li>
  <li>Use doubled underscores (__) for emphasis (usually italics) </li>
  <li>Use tripled single-quotes (''') for strong emphasis (usually bolds). </li>
  <li>Use tripled underscores (___) for strong emphasis (usually bolds) </li>
  <li>Use five single-quotes ('), or triples within doubles, for some other kind 
    of emphasis (BoldItalic), but be careful about the bugs in the emphasis logic... 
  <li>you can mix underscores and quotes as well (___'') - that's the easiest 
    way Emphasis can be used multiple times within a line, but cannot cross line 
    boundaries. </li>
<p><b>References </b></p>
  <li>A link: some text [http://www.domain.com|the text in blue] and some text 
    .... In that case, it will open a new window.<br>
  <li>A link: some text [www.domain.com|the text in blue] and some text .... In 
    that case, it will open in the same window.</li>
  <li>A link: some text [http://www.domain;com+the alt text|picture:images/logo.gif] 
    and some text .... will include a picture, with a link and an alt text.</li>
  <li>URLs ending with .png cause images to be inserted into the page. </li>
  <li>Alternately, just type a full URL (this method won't create inline images): 
    http://c2.com/ mailto:hide@address.com http://www.redhat.com/ </li>
<p><b>Mark-Up Language </b></p>
<p>Please, don't bother. But if you must you can inline HTML by starting lines 
  with a bar (|) if it's enabled (it's not enabled by default). Otherwise, &lt; 
  and &gt; are themselves and &amp; characters will not work. </p>
  <li>&quot;!&quot;, &quot;!!&quot;, &quot;!!!&quot; make headings, </li>
  <li>&quot;%%%&quot; makes a linebreak, </li>
  <li>&quot;----&quot; makes a horizontal rule, </li>
  <li>escape &quot;[&quot; with &quot;[[&quot; </li>
  <li>%%% are linebreaks</li>
  <li>---this line will be centered--</li>
<p>In the stories, fields title, hometext, bodytext, and notes can use the 'wiki' 
  stuff. In the Messages, title and comments ... We will see for the rest later 
<p>&nbsp; </p>
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