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// globalize theme here cause pninclude_once.
global $cTypoCode,$cDefaultTypoCode, $lUserCanChangeTypo;
global $PNlExtlinkNewWindow,$PNlIntlinkNewWindow,$PNlWithHtml,$PNAllowedProtocols,$PNInlineImages,$PNFieldSeparator;

if used in a multi sites environment, this config file can be copied in each personal folder, and if not there, it will be looked for in modules/NS-Wiki.

$cTypoCode can take 3 values: postnuke, wiki, bbcode
postnuke is the normal basic one.
wiki is for the wiki syntaxe.
bbcode is a bbcode syntaxe.
unfortunately, wiki and bbcode are difficult to mix.

That $cTypeCode is 'enventually' modifiable from within the admin story and admin messages screens.*/

$cTypoCode = "postnuke";

/* Default can be any of these 3, postnuke, wiki or bbcode.
You may decide all your old records are wiki, or postnuke.

Default means this:
Each time a story or a message is created, a 3 char flag is added to certaint of the new record's field, _FW, _FP or _FB. But no flag exist for old records. The one created before that wiki thing exist in your PN. So what ? If no flag is present, then the record is going to be considered as one defined by the next variable:*/

$cDefaultTypoCode = "postnuke";

/* do you want to allow the user to change the flag ? If you say no, the typocode applied is going to be $cTypoCode.*/

$lUserCanChangeTypo = false;

// these below are specific to WIKI configuration
// if a link include "http:", open a new window = true, else = false
$PNlExtlinkNewWindow = true;
// if it is an internal link, open a new window = true, else = false.
$PNlIntlinkNewWindow = false;
// is html possible ?
$PNlWithHtml = true;
// allowed protocols for links - be careful not to allow "javascript:"
// within a named link [name|uri] one more protocol is defined: phpwiki
$PNAllowedProtocols = "http|https|mailto|ftp|news|gopher";
// URLs ending with the following extension should be inlined as images
$PNInlineImages = "png|jpg|gif";

// dont touch these:
// set_magic_quotes_runtime(0);
$PNFieldSeparator = "\263";
define("ZERO_DEPTH", 0);
define("SINGLE_DEPTH", 1);
define("ZERO_LEVEL", 0);
define("NESTED_LEVEL", 1);
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