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<?php // File: $Id: global.php,v 1.9 2001/11/27 23:52:02 mikhail Exp $ $Name:  $
define("_ABOUTPOST","About posting:");
define("_BBCODEDISSABLE","Disable <a href=\"modules/Messages/bbcode_ref.php\" target=\"_blank\"><i>BBCode</i></a> on this post");
define("_DONTHAVEMESSAGES","You don't have any messages");
define("_MESSAGEICON","Message icon");
define("_MSGDELETED","Your message has been deleted.");
define("_MSGERROR","Sending private message Error");
define("_MSGERROR0005","Error getting messages from the database");
define("_MSGERROR0017","You must type a <b>subject</b> to post. You can't post an empty subject. Go back and enter the subject");
define("_MSGERROR0018","You must choose <b>message icon</b> to post. Go back and choose message icon.");
define("_MSGERROR0019","You must type a <b>message</b> to post. You can't post an empty message. Go back and enter a message.");
define("_MSGERROR0020","Could not enter data into the database. Please go back and try again.");
define("_MSGERROR0021","Can't delete the selected message.");
define("_MSGERROR0022","An error ocurred while querying the database.");
define("_MSGERROR0023","Selected message was not found in the forum database.");
define("_MSGERROR0024","You can't reply to that message. It wasn't sent to you.");
define("_MSGGOBACK","Go back");
define("_MSGPOSTED","Your message has been posted.");
define("_MSGSTATUS","Message status");
define("_NEXTMESSAGE","Next message");
define("_NO_MESSAGE_SELECTED","No message(s) selected");
define("_PREVIOUSMESSAGE","Previous message");
define("_PRIVATEMESSAGE","Private message");
define("_PRIVATEMESSAGES","Your private messages");
define("_RETURNTOPMSG","You can click here to reload your private messages.");
define("_SENDAMSG","Send a message");
define("_SMILEDISSABLE","Disable <a href=\"modules/Messages/bb_smilies.php\" target=\"_blank\"><i>smilies</i></a> on this Post");
define("_USENDPRIVATEMSG","Sending private message");
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