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Be cool and change your Surveys frequently :p. To add a new Poll
you need to just fill in the form in this page.<br><br>

<b>Poll Title:</b> Title for your new Poll.<br><br>

<b>Options:</b> The poll options, please enter at least 2
options, you don't need to fill all of them in.<br><br>

<b>Delete Polls:</b> To delete one or more existing Polls,
click on the <i>Delete Poll</i> link. After that you will see another page
with the list of all your site's polls. Check the poll you want to delete
and click on the <i>Remove</i> button. Remember: there isn't a confirmation
when you delete a poll, just click and the selected poll will go bye-bye!<br><br>

<b>NOTE:</b> Please double check your title and your options,
because you will not be able to edit the poll after you click
on the <i>Create</i> button. This is because it is not funny to let the
administrators manipulate the surveys like other systems do.<br><br>

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