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In the Headlines section you can activate or deactivate headlines
boxes with news from other sites. Headlines boxes will be at
the left table of the site. Headlines grabber works only for
RDF/XML files, not for plain text. PHP-Nuke already includes
a rich headlines database so you only need to change the status
and active it. (Please read the Note at the bottom)<br><br>

To <b>add a new Headline</b> to the database just write the site name,
the URL, the complete URL for the RDF/XML file and finaly the Status.
Status can be Active or Inactive. If active, you will see a new left box
with the selected headlines, if inactive you can add the resource to the
database but will not show anything for the user.<br><br>

To <b>change the status</b> for one headline, just click on <i>Edit</i>
option and select the desired status or just edit the fields you need to

To <b>delete a headline</b> just click on the <i>Delete</i>option.<br><br>

<b>Note:</b> Headlines, when activated can slow down the server. All headlines
will be automaticaly updated every hour. Please don't edit the php code to
decrease the update time, the webmasters don't like that other webmaster
abuse of their bandwidth.<br><br>

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