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What are Ephemerids? Ephemerids are essentially a "This Day In History" events. 
Some sites will be happy to
have Ephemerids to inform visitors as to what has happened in the past 
on this day. The configuration is very easy. Ephemerids will show a box
on the front page (the side, left or right, depends on how you configure it). 
You need to activate this function in <i>Preferences</i>.<br><br>

To <b>add a new ephemerid</b> select the day, month and write the year
and the description for that event. When your server reaches the day and month
you will see what happened on that day and in what year the event happened.<br><br>

To <b>edit or delete</b> an ephemerid just select the day and month
you want to edit/delete.<br><br>

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