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<title>Edit Admins</title>
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<center><b>Edit Admins</b></center>
In this section you can add, modify and delete administrators
for your site.<br><br>

To <b>add a new Admin</b> fill in the form. The required fields are
marked with <i>(required)</i>. When you are
finished filling in the info just click on the <i>Add Author</i>
button to add the new administrator.<br><br>

To <b>edit an existing Admin</b> just click on <i>Modify Info</i>
next to the Admin you wish to edit. This will open another page with that Admin's
data, just change what you need and click on the <i>Update Author</i>

To <b>delete an existing Admin</b> click on <i>Delete Author</i>
for the Admin you wish to delete.<br><br>

<b>NOTE:</b> The Admin account that you created when installing Postnuke can't be
deleted, this is because PHP-Nuke needs at least one administrator.<br><br>

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