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<?php // File: $Id: user.php,v 1.19 2001/11/29 23:01:24 mikhail Exp $ $Name:  $
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// POST-NUKE Content Management System
// Copyright (C) 2001 by the Post-Nuke Development Team.
// http://www.postnuke.com/
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Based on:
// Thatware - http://thatware.org/
// PHP-NUKE Web Portal System - http://phpnuke.org/
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// To read the license please visit http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Original Author of this file:
// Purpose of this file: core language define file - DO NOT add to this
//                       file if you're module writer, etc.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------

// New Translations from .64

define("_ERRORINVEMAIL","There is an error in the email that you provided.  Please double check what you provided");

// MISC user.php defines

define("_255CHARMAX","(255 characters max. Type your signature with HTML coding)");
define("_ACTIVATEPERSONAL","Activate personal menu");
define("_ASREG1","Post comments with your username");
define("_ASREG2","Send news with your username");
define("_ASREG3","Have a personal box on the homepage");
define("_ASREG4","Select how many news items to show on the homepage");
define("_ASREG5","Customize the comments");
define("_ASREG6","Select different themes");
define("_ASREG7","and lots of other cool stuff...");
define("_CANKNOWABOUT","(255 characters max. Type what you'd like others to know about you)");
define("_CHANGEHOME","Change homepage");
define("_CHECKNAMEANDTRY","Please check the name and try again.");
define("_CODEFOR","Confirmation code for");
define("_CODEREQUESTED","has just requested a confirmation code to change the password.");
define("_CONFIRMATIONCODE","Confirmation code");
define("_CONSENT","(By clicking on the above link you certify that you are either<br>$minage or over, or that you have parental consent to register here.)");
define("_EVERYTHING","Almost everything");
define("_LAST10COMMENTS","Last 10 comments by");
define("_LAST10SUBMISSIONS","Last 10 news submissions sent by");
define("_LOGGINGYOU","Logging you in, hang tight!");
define("_MUSTBE","You must be $minage or over, or have parental permission to register here.");
define("_NICK2LONG","Username is too long. It must be less than 25 characters");
// FTO : Already define
//define("_NICKNAME","Username (No spaces, please)");
define("_NICKNOSPACES","ERROR: There cannot be spaces in the username");
define("_NICKTAKEN","ERROR: Username already taken");
define("_NOPROBLEM","No problem. Just type your username and click the send button. We will send an automatic e-mail to you with your 'Confirmation Code', then you need to re-type your username and type your 'Confirmation Code' and we will send you a new password.");
define("_OVER13","I am $minage or over or I have parental consent");
// FTO : Already define
define("_TOREGISTER","to register an account at");
define("_UNCUT","Uncut and raw");
define("_UNDER13","I am under $minage and do not have parental consent.");
define("_WEDONTGIVE","We won't sell/give others your personal info.");

// user.php theme defines
define("_SELECTTHEME","Select a theme");
define("_SELECTTHETHEME","Select theme");
define("_THEMESELECTION","Theme selection");
define("_THEMETEXT1","This option will change the look for the whole site.");
define("_THEMETEXT2","The changes will be valid only to you.");
define("_THEMETEXT3","Each user can view the site with a different theme.");

// user.php defines.
define("_2CHANGEINFO","to change your info");
define("_ASREGUSER","As a registered user you can:");
define("_AWEBUSERFROM","A user from");
define("_CHANGEYOURINFO","Change your info");
define("_CONFIGCOMMENTS","Configure comments");
define("_EXTRAINFO","Extra info");
define("_IFYOUDIDNOTASK","If you didn't asked for this, don't worry. You are seeing this message, not 'them'. If this was an error just login with your new password.");
define("_IFYOUDIDNOTASK2","If you didn't asked for this, don't worry. Just delete this e-mail.");
define("_INFOCHANGED","Account information changed. Returning to your account page.");
define("_NEWUSER","New user");
define("_NOINFOFOR","There is no available info for");
// FTO : Already define
//define("_PASTARTICLES","Past Articles");
define("_PERSONALINFO","Personal information");
define("_REGISTEREDUSER","Registered user #");
define("_REGNEWUSER","New user registration");
define("_SORRYNOUSERINFO","Sorry, no corresponding user info was found");
define("_THISISYOURPAGE","This is your personal page");
define("_TIMEZONEOFFSET","Timezone offset");
define("_UFAKEMAIL","Fake e-mail");
define("_UPDATEFAILED","Could not update user entry. Please contact the administrator.");
define("_UREALEMAIL","Real e-mail");
define("_UREALNAME","Real name");
define("_USENDPRIVATEMSG","Send a private message to");
define("_USERACCOUNT","The user account");
define("_USERLOGIN","User login");
define("_USERNOTINDB","The selected user doesn't exist in the database.");
define("_USERREGLOGIN","User registration/login");
define("_USERSTATUS","Actual user status");
define("_YAIM","Your AIM");
define("_YICQ","Your ICQ");
define("_YIM","YIM number");
define("_YINTERESTS","Your interests");
define("_YLOCATION","Your location");
define("_YMSNM","Your MSNM");
define("_YOCCUPATION","Your occupation");
define("_YOUAREREGISTERED","You are now registered. You should receive your password at the e-mail account you provided.");
define("_YOUCANCHANGE","You can change it after you login at");
define("_YOURAVATAR","Your avatar");
define("_YOURCODEIS","Your confirmation code is:");
define("_YOURHOMEPAGE","Your website");
define("_YOURNAME","Your name");
define("_YOUUSEDEMAIL","You or someone else has used your e-mail account");
define("_YYIM","Your YIM");

// password defines
define("_PASSDIFFERENT","The passwords are different. They need to be identical.");
define("_PASSWILLSEND","(Password will be sent to the e-mail address you enter)");
// FTO : Already define
define("_PASSWORD4","Password for");
define("_PASSWORDLOST","Lost your password?");
define("_RETRIEVEPASS","Retrieve lost password.");
define("_SENDPASSWORD","Send password");
define("_TYPENEWPASSWORD","(type a new password twice to change it)");
define("_USERPASS4","Password for");
define("_USERPASSWORD4","User password for");
define("_YOURNEWPASSWORD","Your new password is:");
define("_YOURPASSIS","Your password is:");
define("_YOURPASSMUSTBE","Sorry, your password must be at least");

// comments configuration
define("_BYTESNOTE","bytes (1024 bytes = 1K)");
define("_COMMENTSCONFIG","Comments Configuration");
define("_COMMENTSWILLIGNORED","Comments scored less than this setting will be ignored.");
define("_FILTERMOSTANON","Filter most anonymous");
define("_MAXCOMMENT","Maximum comment length");
// FTO : Already define
//define("_NOCOMMENTS","No comments");
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