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  if (!$user_id) {

    // User not loged in yet!
    // so it shouldn't be here
    // let's send him to login screen

    // maybe he has cookies disabled in his browser

    Header ("Location: index.php");

  } else {

    if (GetUserInfo($user_id,$name,$can_add_user,$active,$d,$d,$d))
      $name = StripSlashes($name);
      // how many subusers does this user have?

      if (!$active) Header ("Location: log_out.php");

            // User has an id which doesn't exist,
            // he probably got fired :) or is trying
            // some cookie hacking attempt.
            // Let's kill that cookie and send him back
            // to login screen!
      Header ("Location: log_out.php");


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