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=== ProjectPress 2.1 ===
Developer(s): Joshua Parker
Personal Site: http://www.joshparker.us/
Company Site: http://www.7mediaws.org/
Support email: hide@address.com
Released Date: March 24, 2012

== Description ==
ProjectPress is a very small and lightweight collaboration system. You can use it as an intranet or you can 
install it for a small client based project, however it only supports one project at a time.

== Installaton ==
1. Upload the files to your server.
2. Navigate to where you installed ProjectPress and the installer will start 
3. Make sure that the avatars folder in the /profile directory is writeable by the server 
if you plan to allow users to upload their own avatar..
4. Update the baseurl in /js/chat.js on line 35.
5. The {dbprefix}online table will need to be cleaned out from time to time, so that it doesn't become too large. 
For your convenience, you can create a cron job to run the cron_user_online.php script.

== Bugging ==
If you find any bugs, please report them on the support forum at http://projectpress.org/forums/
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