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What should come in the next version:
* Installation script.
* Improved debug/error handling.
* Organize code better.
* Make Program E OO.

Other ideas:
* Improve speed of <SRAI>
* Web based tools for building AIML and inserting it into Program E.
* Control panel to manage instances of Program E.
* Tools to view the chat logs and change the responses for future user input.
* Collection of custom tags and code to allow for interfacing Program E with other information sources.
* Interfaces for e-mail, instant messgengers, chat boxes, etc.
* Users can access their own chat session.
* AIML validator -- which nodes will never be reached?
* Spell suggestions based on graph.
* XML-RPC interface to addaiml, findtemplate, processtemplate. Then Program E can be distributed across servers.
* Markov chains

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