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<title>PRAjax - PHP Reflected Ajax</title>
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    <td width="200" class="menu"> <b>Documentation:</b><br /> 
      <a href="docs/index.html">PRAjax</a><br />
      <a href="manual/Developer Manual.pdf" target="_blank">Developer Manual</a><br>
      <br /> 
      <b>Examples:</b><br /> 
      <div class="package">
        <a href="examples/example_helloworld.php" target="_blank">Hello World</a><br>
        <a href="examples/example_target.php" target="_blank">Hello World (target)</a><br>
        <a href="examples/example_helloworld_prototype.php" target="_blank">Hello World (external transport)</a><br>
        <a href="examples/example_addressbook.php" target="_blank">Addressbook</a><br>
        <a href="examples/example_component_suggest.php" target="_blank">Suggest Component</a><br>
        <a href="examples/example_component_updatepanel.php" target="_blank">UpdatePanel Component</a><br>
      <br /> 
      <b>Download:</b><br /> 
      <div class="package"> <a href="http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/prajax/" target="_blank">PRAjax (latest stable)</a><br />
			<br />
			<a href="http://sourceforge.net"><img src="http://sflogo.sourceforge.net/sflogo.php?group_id=155844&amp;type=4" width="125" height="37" border="0" alt="SourceForge.net Logo" /></a>
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              <h1>PRAjax - PHP Reflected Ajax</h1> 
            <h4>Welcome to PRAjax!</h4> 
            <p>The PRAjax class can be used to reflect PHP code into JavaScript and Ajax methods and vice-versa. </p> 
            <p>The following features make this library worth using:
              <li>Allows easier Ajax programming with PHP
              <li>PHP functions and objects can be reflected to JavaScript
              <li>PHP objects can be used in JavaScript, both properties and (registered) functions
              <li>PRAjax creates all wrappers for the developer </li> 
              <li>Automatic conversion of return values and parameters between PHP and JavaScript</li>
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<?php @readfile('src/CHANGELOG.TXT'); ?>
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            <div class="credit"> 
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              Copyright &copy; 2005-2006, Maarten Balliauw </div></td>
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