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/** powermovielist language file
 * $Id: english.inc.php,v 1.16 2005/11/29 12:40:03 niko Exp $
$LngName = "English";
$LngInfo = "translated by Nikotto";
$LngMail = "hide@address.com";
$LngCharSet = "iso-8859-1";
global $ActiveList,$CFG;
//******************* index.php
$strCantConnect = 'Can\'t establish connection';
$strStatistics = 'statistics'; 
$strShowOnly = 'Show only: ';
$strSqlPerPage = 'per page: ';
$strSqlNothingFound = ' nothing found...';
$strSqlFound = 'entries found';
$strSqlFrom = 'from';
$strErrNothingSelected = 'nothing selected...';
$strDelSucc = 'deleted sucessfully...';
$strBackToList = 'back to the list';
$strCongrat1 = 'Congratulations, you have now';
$strCongrat2 = 'movies in your list!';
$strInfo = 'Info';
$strSearchFor = 'Search for';
$strEdit = 'edit';
//**************** print.php
$strAddNewMovie = 'add a new movie';
$strExportList = 'export list';
$strImportList = 'import list';
$strChangeGlobal = 'change global options';
$strAddUser = 'add user';
$strEditUsers = 'edit users';
//******************* functions.php
$strLoginUser = 'Username';
$strLoginPass = 'Password';
$strErrGoBack = 'go back';
$strErrError = 'ERROR';
$strDeleteList = 'delete list';
$strEnterYourPassword = 'enter your password';
$strDeleteAccount = 'delete account';
//****************** edit.php
$strEditDontChange = ' don\'t change password';
$strEditChange = ' change password:';
$strEditPass = 'password';
$strEdirRepPass = 'repeat password';
$strEditDelSure = 'do you really want to delete this account?';
$strEditDelete = 'delete';
$strYes = 'yes';
$strNo = 'no';
$strContinue = 'continue';
$strEditSaved = 'entry saved...';
$strEditInvalidEmail = 'invalid E-Mail adress!';
$strEditUniqueError = 'There exists allready a %user% with that text';
$strEditPassMatch = 'password doesn\'t match!';
$strEditNoPass = 'no password entered!';
$strEditShortPass = 'the password has to have at least 5 characters';
//*************** edituser.php
$strEditUserAdd = 'add user';
$strEditUserEdit = 'edit config';
$strEditUserDel = 'delete user';
$strEditUserDirectoryCreated = 'directory created...<br>';
$strEditUserIndexCreated = 'index.php in new direcotry created...<br>';
$strEditUserAccessUrl = 'you can access the new user with this URL: <br>';
$strEditUserFldName = 'username';
$strEditUserFldRights = 'user-rights';
$strEditUserFldRightsProp = 'normal user;administrator';
$strEditUserFldPass = 'password';
$strEditUserFldLang = 'language';
$strEditUserFldMail = 'E-Mail';
$strEditUserFldTitle = 'title of the list';
$strEditUserFldTitleDefault = 'New Movielist';
$strEditUserFldUrl = 'URL of the list';
$strEditUserFldUrlComm = '(with http:// - printed on the top of the list)';
$strEditUserFldUrlDefault = 'http://your.list.com';
$strEditUserFldUrlShown = 'URL shown';
$strEditUserFldUrlShownComm = '(text displayed for the URL)';
$strEditUserFldUrlShownDefault = 'your.list.com';
$strEditUserFldMessage = 'message on top of the list';
$strEditUserFldMessageDefault = "This is just a list of great movies. You can't download or buy them!";
$strEditUserFldPic = 'picture on top of the list';
$strEditUserFldPicComm = 'Upload</a> (Standard is a cool DivX-Logo)';
$strEditUserFldCss = 'design-css';
//******************** uploadimage.php
$strUploadImageTitle = 'Upload Image';
$strUploadText = 'You can upload your own image that will be displayed on the top of the list';
$strUploadImageExists = 'There already exists a file with that name - please rename it';
$strUploadNoImage = 'no file selected!';
$strUploadImageSaved = 'image saved...<br>';
$strUploadConfigSaved = 'configuration updated...<br><br><br>';
//********************* cover.php
$strCoverSimple = 'you can create a simple cover if you don\'t want to spend all your ink for the cd-covers...';
$strCoverSelectColor = 'Select Color';
$strCoverColorBlack = 'Black';
$strCoverColorBlue = 'Blue';
$strCoverColorRed = 'Red';
$strCoverColorGreen = 'Green';
//New For Version 0.6.5:
$strEditUserFldUsePass = 'use password';
$strEditUserFldUsePassComm = '(you have to enter a password to view the list)';
$strEditUserFldShowPass = 'password for viewing';
$strEditUserFldShowPassComm = '(optional)';
$strEditUserFldShowText = 'text displayed on entry';
$strEditUserFldShowTextComm = '(only if use password is active!, HTML-Code)';
$strEditUserFldShowTextDefault = 'You have to enter a password to view the list!';
$strEditUserFldShowCounter = "show counter";
$strEditUserFldShowCounterComm = "(shows access-counter on the list)";
$strEditInvalidText = 'this text is reserved vor other use...';
$strPassLogIn = ' - Login';
$strCounterTitle = 'counter';
$strCounterGesamt = 'total';
$strCounterRekord = 'record';
$strCounterOnlineNow = 'now online';
$strCheckNewVersion = 'Check if there is a new version available';
$strPrintList = 'print list';
$strEditUserFldShowChars = 'show chars (A-Z) on list';
$strEditUserFldShowCharsComm = '(to jump to the movies with a special first letter)';
$strEditUserFldShowPrint = 'show link to print the list';
$strHeadUserRating = 'User-Rating';
//Version 0.7.0
$strFormatAll = 'All';
$strCloseTextStd = 'This list is temporarily closed for maintenance. Please try to access the list later.';
$strCloseTextAbout = '<p>you can temporarily close your database, whatever reason you have for that.<br> When the database is closed you can only access it when you login with your account.</p> <br><br>The text displayed when someone tries to access the list:';
$strCfgMenuMain = 'main config';
$strCfgMenuDesign = 'design config';
$strCfgMenuAnnouncement = 'announcements';
$strCfgMenuLinkList = 'edit link-list';
$strCfgMenuFlushList = 'flush list';
$strDloadCommentSaved = 'comment saved...';
$strDloadAddCommentFor = 'Add a comment for ';
$strDloadYourComment = 'your comment';
$strDloadNoHtmlAllowed = '(no HTML-allowed)';
$strDloadVotedAllready = 'You already voted for that movie';
$strDloadVoteSaved = 'vote saved';
$strDloadClickToDownload = 'click on a link below to download the file';
$strDloadShortPlot = 'Short plot of the movie';
$strDloadBy = 'by';
$strDloadVoteSelect = 'please select';
$strEditUserFldShowStatistics = 'show statistics link';
$strEditUserDloadAllowComments = 'allow comments';
$strEditUserDloadShowGraph = 'show download-graph link';
$strStatTitle = 'some download statistics';
$strStatAccount = 'account';
$strStatAccountAll = 'all';
$strStatType1 = 'downloads of the last 10 days';
$strStatType2 = 'downloads of the last 30 days';
$strStatType3 = 'top 10 of the last 10 days';
$strStatType4 = 'top 10 of the last 30 days';
$strStatType5 = 'hour statistics of the last 10 days';
$strStatType6 = 'hour statistics of the last 30 days';
$strConfigTitle = 'Configuration';
$strLinkAdd = 'add link';
$strLinkEdit = 'edit link';
$strLinkText = 'Text';
$strLinkType = 'Type';
$strLinkTypList = 'switch list';
$strLinkTypUrl = 'goto url';
$strLinkSaved = 'entry saved...';
$strLinkEditList = 'edit linklist';
$strLinkNr = 'Nr';
$strLinkUrlUser = 'Url/User';
$strLinkHdEdit = 'Edit';
$strCoverGenerate = 'generate cover';
$strDloadAddAllReally = 'Do you really want to add all links???';
$strDloadAddComment = 'add comment';
$strDloadGraph = 'download graph';
$strDloadAddAll = 'open all links';
$strEditUserMarkComm = '(days old, 0 to deactivate)';
$strEditUserMark = 'mark new entries';
$strRegister = 'register';  
$strAvLists = 'available lists';  
$strEditDelMovies = 'edit/delete movies';
$strCloseList = 'close list';
$strOpenList = 'open list';
//text within editfields.php:
$strMonthNames = array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December");
$strWrongPasswordEntered = 'Wrong password entered!';
$strEditDeleteReally = 'Do you really want to delete this entry?';
$strEditAdd = 'add %title%';
$strEditEdit = 'edit %title%';
$strEditOptional = '(optional)';
$strEditUserIcqNumber = 'icq-number';
$strEditUserAimName = 'aim-name';
$strEditUserHomepage = 'Homepage';
$strEditUserLocation = 'location';
$strEditUserOccupation = 'occupation';
$strEditUserGenderProp = 'unspecified;female;male';
$strEditUserGender = 'gender';
$strEditUserBirthDate = 'birthdate';
$strEditUserCantAddSingle = 'you can\'t add more lists in single-user-mode!';
$strEditSaveSettings = 'Save Settings';
$strEditUserCantDeleteUserSingle = 'you can\'t delete users in single-user-mode!';
$strNewUserNotLoggedIn = 'new user <b>not</b> logged in!<br>';
$strUserAddedSucessfully = 'user added sucessfully...<br>';
$strEditUserClickHereContinueCreateList = 'click <a href=\'editlist.php?action=add\'>here</a> to continue and create your list';
$strEditUSerClickHereGoBackList = "click <a href='index.php$GlobalArg'>here</a> to go back to the list";
$strEditUserEntriesDeleted = 'entries in table movie deleted...';
$strEditUserUserrightsDeleted = 'userrights deleted...';
$strEntriesInLinklistDeleted = 'entries in linklist deleted...';
$strEditListTitle = 'list';
$strEditListTitlePl = 'lists';
$strMainConfiguration = 'main-configuration';
$strListName = 'list-name';
$strEditUserFldCreateFolder = 'create folder';
$strEditUserFldCreateFolderComm = '(to access the list directly through ' . $CFG['HttpPath'] . 'yourname)';
$strEditListPassTitleInfo = 'If this feature is enabled, every user has to enter the password, even if he has view-rights for the list! (only the list-admins don\'t have to)';
$strPasswordConfig = 'password-config';
$strDesignConfig = 'design-configuration';
$strEditUserDloadAllowCommentsComm = '(shown in popup)';
$strEditUserDloadShowGraphComm = '(link displayed in popup)';
$strCantAddMoreInSingle = 'you can\'t add more lists in single-user-mode!';
$strAddList = 'add list';
$strCreateList = 'create list';
$strListsExistsAllreadyPleaseNewUser = 'there exists allready a list for this user, please register a new user to create another list!';
$strSaveSettings = 'save settings';
$strEditList = 'edit list';
$strCantDeleteListInSingle = 'you can\'t delete lists in single-user-mode!';
$strCantDeleteListSimpleDeleteUser = 'you can\'t delete lists in simple-mode!<br>you have to delete the user, the list will be removed too...';
$strEditLists = 'edit lists';
$strClickHereToGoToYourNewList = 'click <a href=\'%url%\'>here</a> to go to your new list...';
$strEditListFldShowSearch = 'show search field';
$strEditListFldShowSearchComm = 'displays a field on the list with that you can search for entries in the list';
$strEditListFldShowFilter = 'show filter';
$strEditListFldShowFilterComm = '(displays filters for Format, Language, Genre and Sound on the list)';
$strEditListFldShowPerPage = 'show per-page field';
$strEditListFldShowPerPageComm = '(displays a textfield where you can enter how many entries are displayed on one page)';
$strEditUserFirstAccountSuperAdmin = 'This first account created will be a Super-Admin-account with rights to do everything!';
$strEditUserFieldsDeleted = 'fields deleted...';
$strDefaultDateFormat = '%Y-%m-%d';
$strEditInvalidEntry = 'invalid %field% entered.';
$strEditNoEntry = 'no %field% entered.';
$strCovers = 'Covers';
$strCreateCover = 'create simple cover';
$strUserRating = 'user rating';
$strWorst = 'worst';
$strBest = 'best';
$strUserComments = 'user comments';
$strNoCommentsFound = 'no comments found';
$strTrailer = 'Trailer';
$strInfoLinks = 'info-links';
$strDownload = 'Download';
$strPlot = 'Plot';
$strComments = 'Comments';
$strEditListDloadTemplate = "popup Template";
$strEditListDloadTemplateComm = 'create your own template in the folder /template (open dload.tpl for instructions)';
//if a .pmlset gets imported (too after loading presetting when creating new lists) the text used
//will be translated according to these items - if a item is not found the original value will be used
//ATTENTION: $strPresettingsText['donttranlate'] = "tranlate this";
$strPresettingsText = array();
$strPresettingsText['Language'] = "Language";
$strPresettingsText['Lng'] = "Lng";
$strPresettingsText['Format'] = "Format";
$strPresettingsText['Nr'] = "Nr";
$strPresettingsText['Title'] = "Title";
$strPresettingsText['Originaltitle'] = "Originaltitle";
$strPresettingsText['CDs'] = "CDs";
$strPresettingsText['Genre'] = "Genre";
$strPresettingsText['Year'] = "Year";
$strPresettingsText['Quality'] = "Quality";
$strPresettingsText['Sound'] = "Sound";
$strPresettingsText['Starring'] = "Starring";
$strPresettingsText['Director'] = "Director";
$strPresettingsText['Rating'] = "Rating";
$strPresettingsText['Release'] = "Release";
$strPresettingsText['Plot'] = "Plot";
$strPresettingsText['Poster'] = "Poster";
$strPresettingsText['User-Rating'] = "User-Rating";
$strPresettingsText['UsrRat'] = "UsrRat";
$strPresettingsText['Comment'] = "Comment";
$strPresettingsText['Action'] = "Action";
$strPresettingsText['Adventure'] = "Adventure";
$strPresettingsText['Animation'] = "Animation";
$strPresettingsText['Comedy'] = "Comedy";
$strPresettingsText['Crime'] = "Crime";
$strPresettingsText['Documentary'] = "Documentary";
$strPresettingsText['Drama'] = "Drama";
$strPresettingsText['Family'] = "Family";
$strPresettingsText['Fantasy'] = "Fantasy";
$strPresettingsText['Film-Noir'] = "Film-Noir";
$strPresettingsText['Horror'] = "Horror";
$strPresettingsText['Musical'] = "Musical";
$strPresettingsText['Mystery'] = "Mystery";
$strPresettingsText['Romance'] = "Romance";
$strPresettingsText['Sci-Fi'] = "Sci-Fi";
$strPresettingsText['Short'] = "Short";
$strPresettingsText['Thriller'] = "Thriller";
$strPresettingsText['War'] = "War";
$strPresettingsText['Western'] = "Western";
$strPresettingsText['Unknown'] = "Unknown";
$strPresettingsText['German'] = "German";
$strPresettingsText['English'] = "English";
$strPresettingsText['French'] = "French";
$strPresettingsText['Dutch'] = "Dutch";
$strPresettingsText['Japanese'] = "Japanese";
$strPresettingsText['Danish'] = "Danish";
$strPresettingsText['Russian'] = "Russian";
$strPresettingsText['Chinese'] = "Chinese";
$strPresettingsText['Italian'] = "Italian";
$strPresettingsText['Spanish'] = "Spanish";
$strPresettingsText['Swedish'] = "Swedish";
$strPresettingsText['Multilanguage'] = "Multilanguage";
$strPresettingsText['DivX (MPEG4)'] = "DivX (MPEG4)";
$strPresettingsText['VCD (MPEG1)'] = "VCD (MPEG1)";
$strPresettingsText['SVCD'] = "SVCD";
$strPresettingsText['DVD'] = "DVD";
$strPresettingsText['ASF (LQ)'] = "ASF (LQ)";
$strPresettingsText['div (others)'] = "div (others)";
$strPresettingsText['RAM (LQ)'] = "RAM (LQ)";
$strPresettingsText['DVD-Rip'] = "DVD-Rip";
$strPresettingsText['Laserdisc-Rip'] = "Laserdisc-Rip";
$strPresettingsText['TV-Rip'] = "TV-Rip";
$strPresettingsText['VHS-Rip'] = "VHS-Rip";
$strPresettingsText['CamRip HQ'] = "CamRip HQ";
$strPresettingsText['CamRip LQ'] = "CamRip LQ";
$strPresettingsText['Original'] = "Original";
$strPresettingsText['dvd'] = "dvd";
$strPresettingsText['laserdisc'] = "laserdisc";
$strPresettingsText['tv'] = "tv";
$strPresettingsText['vhs'] = "vhs";
$strPresettingsText['camhq'] = "camhq";
$strPresettingsText['camlq'] = "camlq";
$strPresettingsText['other'] = "other";
$strPresettingsText['div'] = "div";
$strCommentDeleted = 'comment deleted...';
$strOldVoteDeleted = 'old vote deleted';
$strYourRating = 'your rating';
$strDateFormat = '%m/%d/%y ';
$strDateFormatMySql = '%m/%d/%y';
$strNoVotes = 'no votes';
$strUsrMenuRegister = 'register';
$strUsrMenuNewList = 'new list';
$strUsrMenuLogout = 'logout';
$strUsrMenuConfig = 'configuration';
$strUsrMenuPrintList = 'print list';
$strUsrMenuAddEntry = 'add new entry';
$strUsrMenuDloadStat = 'download-stats';
$strUsrMenuMembers = 'members';
$strDeleteEntrySure = 'Are you sure to delete this entry?';
$strMenu = 'menu';
$strLoggedIn = 'logged in';
$strRights = 'rights';
$strCounterOnlineUsers = 'now online';
$strGuests = 'Guests';
$strEntriesInList = 'entries in list';
$strAddedToday = 'added today';
$strAddedYesterday = 'added yesterday';
$strSizeOfAllLinks = 'size of all links';
$strDownloaded = 'downloaded';
$strActiveList = 'Active List';
$strFilterButtonValue = 'OK';
$strAll = 'all';
$strLogin = 'login';
$strNoTitleForSideFound = 'no title for side found!';
$strPicture = 'picture';
$strNoEntryFound = 'no entry found';
$strErrorOpening = 'error opening';
$strCoverFormat = 'format';
$strNotFound = 'not found';
$strShowPictureOnTheRightTop = 'show picture on the right top';
$strShowFormatLogoOnTheLeftBottom = 'show format-logo on the left bottom';
$strCoverLanguage = 'language';
$strShowLanguageOnTheSide = 'show language on the side';
$strNoPropertyFound = 'no property found';
$strShowFormatOnTheSide = 'show format on the side';
$strCapitalLettersForTitleOnTheSide = 'capital letters for title on the side';
$strShowUrlOfTheList = 'show url of the list';
$strDisplayedFields = 'displayed fields';
$strEmpty = 'empty';
$strCoverCreation = 'cover creation';
$strSortBy = 'sort by';
$strDateAdded = 'date added';
$strFilters = 'filters';
$strGeneratePrintout = 'generate printout';
$strNotAValidFile = 'not a valid file';
$strActiveUser = 'Active User';
$strUserConfig = 'Userconfig';
$strUserData = 'User-Data';
$strListModeration = 'List-Moderation';
$strListAdministration = 'List-Administration';
$strConfigUserRights = 'user-rights';
$strListConfiguration = 'List-Configuration';
$strPropertiesFields = 'properties/fields';
$strPassword = 'password';
$strInfoDownloadPopUp = 'info/download-popup';
$strExportSettings = 'export settings';
$strImportSettings = 'import settings';
$strSuperAdminMenu = 'Super-Admin menu';
$strConfigurationTitle = 'CONFIGURATION';
$strSomeStatisticsForThisList = 'some statistics for this list';
$strEntries = 'entries';
$strAddedThisWeek = 'added this week';
$strAddedLastWeek = 'added last week';
$strAddedThisMonth = 'added this month';
$strAddedLastMonth = 'added last month';
$strLinksInList = 'links in list';
$strSizeOfLinks = 'size of links';
$strUserCommentsAdded = 'user comments added';
$strUserVotesRegistered = 'user votes registered';
$strVoteAverage = 'vote-average';
$strUsersWithListAdminRights = 'users with list-admin-rights';
$strListAdmins = 'list-admins';
$strUsersWithModeratorRights = 'users with moderator-rights';
$strModeratorRights = 'moderator-rights';
$strUsersWithAddRights = 'users with add-rights';
$strAddRights = 'add-rights';
$strUsersWithViewRights = 'users with view-rights';
$strDownloadClicks = 'download clicks';
$strInfoClicks = 'info clicks';
$strGuestRights = 'guest-rights';
$strNewUserRights = 'new-user-rights';
$strSomeStatisticsForAllLists = 'some statistics for all lists';
$strValidAdressRequiredToActivateTheAccount = 'valid adress required to activate the account';
$strShowEmailAdress = 'show email-adress';
$strCommentsPosted = 'Comments posted';
$strUserRatings = 'User-Ratings';
$strEntriesAdded = 'entries added';
$strDownloads = 'downloads';
$strMemberList = 'member-list';
$strClickedToday = 'clicked today';
$strClickedYesterday = 'clicked yesterday';
$strClicksDayLast31Days = 'clicks/day last 31 days';
$strDownloadedToday = 'downloaded today';
$strDownloadedYesterday = 'downloaded yesterday';
$strDownloadedDayLast31Days = 'downloaded/day last 31 days';
$strMostClicksToday = 'most clicks today';
$strMostClicksYesterday = 'most clicks yesterday';
$strMostClicksLast31Days = 'most clicks last 31 days';
$strAddEntry = 'add entry';
$strEditEntry = 'edit entry';
$strFetched = 'fetched';
$strSaveEntry = 'save entry';
$strFetchDataAgain = 'fetch data again';
$strEntrySaved = 'entry saved';
$strFetchingDataFor = 'fetching data for';
$strFetchScript = 'Fetch-Script';
$strNotDefinedIn = 'not defiened in';
$strCantDownloadUrl = 'can\'t download url';
$strNotAllFetchedValuesExistInTheDatabase = 'Not all fetched values exist in the database';
$strFetchingDone = 'fetching done';
$strGoToTheList = 'go to the list';
$strAddNewEntry = 'add new entry';
$strDeleteEntry = 'delete entry';
$strPresettingToImport = 'presetting  to import';
$strWhatTypeOfListYouWantToHave = 'what type of list you want to have';
$strEditListIndexTpl = 'Index-Template';
$strEditListIndexTplComm = 'create your own template in the folder /templates/index (open index.tpl for instructions)';
$strEditListListTpl = 'List-Template';
$strEditListListTplComm = 'create your own template in the folder /templates/list (open list.tpl for instructions)';
$strStandardSortOrder = 'standard-sort-order';
$strEditListStdPerPage = 'standard shown per page';
$strYouCanAccessTheListDirectlyOver = 'you can access the list directly over';
$strBut = 'but';
$strCantCreateDir = 'can\'t create directory';
$strPresettingsImported = 'presettings imported';
$strListIsBackAgain = 'list is back again :D';
$strListClosed = 'List sucessfully closed...';
$strFieldname = 'Fieldname';
$strUsedForTemplates = 'used for templates';
$strPropertyType = 'property-type';
$strEditPropFetchScriptComm = '(should this property be fetched or entered by the user)';
$strFieldTitle = 'field-title';
$strEditPropInTitleComm = '(displayed when entering data and in the popup as caption)';
$strEditPropInProp = 'additional html-tags for input-field';
$strEditPropInPropComm = '(like size=\'20\')';
$strShowInList = 'show in list';
$strEditPropShowInListComm = '(if this entry should be displayed in the list)';
$strEditPropHeaderText = 'text in the header of the list';
$strEditPropHeaderTextComm = '(used as sort-link)';
$strUseSorting = 'use sorting';
$strUseSortingStrings = 'don\'t use;use, default ASC;use, default DESC';
$strEditPropListProp = 'td-properties for list';
$strEditPropListPropComm = '(eg. align=\'center\' width=\'300\')';
$strUrlForLinkInList = 'url for link in list';
$strEditPropUrlComm = '(if set, a links will be displayed in the list - \'Info\' for link to Info-PopUp)';
$strEditPropShowFilterStrings = 'don\'t show filter;show listbox;filter with search-text-function;use Chars on top of the list;use with search AND chars';
$strShowFilterField = 'show filter-field';
$strEditPropFilterComm = 'if it should be possible to filter by this entry - filter displayed on the list!';
$strEditPropShowFilterStrings2 = 'don\'t show filter;filter with search-text-function;use Chars on top of the list;use with search AND chars';
$strEditPropPopUpStrings = 'don\'t show;displayed together with all the other properties;displayed as extra field like plot or user-rating;displayed with download-links;displayed with covers';
$strShowInPopUp = 'show in PopUp';
$strEditPropPopUpComm = '(if and how this entry should be displayed in the PopUp)';
$strShowOnCover = 'show on cover';
$strEditPropCoverStrings = 'don\'t show;show as normal text;show on the side as title;shown on the side as langauge;show on the side as format;show as picture (url or file!);show as format-logo and on the side as text';
$strValues = 'values';
$strDefaultValue = 'Default-Value';
$strText = 'Text';
$strProperty = 'Property';
$strProperties = 'Properties';
$strPropertyValue = 'Property Value';
$strPropertyValues = 'Property Values';
$strCheckedUnchecked = 'checked;unchecked';
$strTextDisplayed = 'text displayed';
$strEdirPropDisplayTextComm = '(displayed in the filters, popup and on covers)';
$strShortTextDisplayed = 'short text displayed';
$strEditPropShortTextComm = '(displayed on the list itself)';
$strFetchText = 'fetch-text';
$strEditPropFetchTextComm = '(like the item is called on the page from where it is fetched)';
$strRegDate = 'registered';
$strRightsForNewUsers = 'rights for new users';
$strLostPassword = 'lost password';
$strUserOrMailNotFound = 'Username or E-Mail-adress not found!';
$strMailWasSentWithNewRandomPassContinue = 'A mail was sent to you with a new random password.<br><a href=\'index.php\'>continue</a>';
$strIfYouHaveForgottenYourPasswordRequestMail = 'If you have forgotten your password, you can request here a new password, it will be mailed to you.';
$strEMail = 'e-mail';
$strRequest = 'Request';
$strSelectAnotherList = 'select another list';
$strLogout = 'logout';
$strUserRightsTitle = 'userrights';
$strNewEntries = 'new entries';
$strMostClickedEntries = 'most clicked entries';
$strShowSortLinks = 'show sort-links';
$strEditListShowSortLinksComm = '(show the newest entries and most clicked entries-links)';
$SaveButtonText = 'Save';
$strReset = 'reset';
$strSearchingInfoFor = 'searching info for';	//to translate
$strFoundMore = 'more entries were found, plese select one:';	//to translate
$strValidCharsUserName = '(valid characters: a-z 0-9)';	//to translate
$strAllMoviesDeleted = 'all movies deleted';	//to translate
$strPropertiesDeleted = 'properties deleted';	//to translate
$strPopupSettings = 'popup-settings';	//to translate

$strHowToShowTheUrlInTheList = 'how to show the url in the list';	//to translate
$strSkipFetchingAndEditEntry = 'skip fetching and edit entry';	//to translate
$strExactMatch = 'exact match found';	//to translate
$strErrNothingFoundEnterNewString = 'Error: nothing was found. Please enter a new search string (translated title?):';	//to translate
$strErrorNotFound = 'ERROR, not found!';	//to translate
$strOK = 'OK';	//to translate
$strErrorItemDoesntExistInFethScript = 'ERROR, item doesn\'t exist in fetch-script!';	//to translate
$strFetching = 'fetching';	//to translate
$strRequiredUserRightsToSeeProp = 'required user-rights to see and edit this property';	//to translate
$strOnline = 'online';	//to translate
$strEntriesInAllLists = 'entries in all lists';	//to translate
$strUsers = 'users';	//to translate
$strLists = 'lists';	//to translate
$strAdded = 'Added';	//to translate
$strGenre = 'Genre';	//to translate
$strStarring = 'Starring';	//to translate
$strComment = 'Comment';	//to translate
$strAddedBy = 'Added by';	//to translate
$strShowLinkTypeStrings = 'open url in same page;open url in new page;show url as image;show url as 95x130 image (fixed size)';	//to translate
$strAccessDenied = 'Access denied';	//to translate
$strGuestsDoesntHaveRightsNeedLoginWithAtLeast = 'Guests doesn\'t have the rights to do this action. You need to login with an account that has at least';	//to translate
$strYouDontHaveTheRightsZouNeedAtLeast = 'You don\'t have the rights to do this action. You need at least';	//to translate
$strLoginWithAnotherAccount = 'Login with another account';	//to translate
$strButYouCurrentlyOnlyHave = 'but you currently only have';	//to translate
$strCurrentlyLoggedInAs = 'currently logged in as';	//to translate
$strContactListAdminForMoreRights = 'Contact the List-Admin of this list that he will give you more rights';	//to translate
$strAccessDeniedToThisList = 'Access denied to this list';	//to translate
$strGuestsDontHaveRightsToAccessThisList = 'Guests don\'t have the rights to access this list';	//to translate
$strLoginWithAccountThatHasEnoughRights = 'Login with an account that has enough rights';	//to translate
$strForANewAccount = 'for a new account';	//to translate
$strThisWillHaveEnoughRights = 'this account will have enough rights';	//to translate
$strYouNeedViewRightsToAccessThisList = 'You need view-rights to access this list';	//to translate
$strPleaseEnterValidUserAndPass = 'Please enter valid Username and Password';	//to translate
$strWrongPassword = 'Wrong password';	//to translate
$strWrongPasswordEnteredInfoText = 'Wrong password entered. Please login again. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by clicking the lost-password link';	//to translate
$strUserNotFound = 'User not found';	//to translate
$strEnteredUserWasNotFoundInDb = 'The entered user was not found in the database';	//to translate
$strPleaseLoginAgain = 'Please login again';	//to translate
$strOrRegisterANewOneByClickingTheRegisterLink = 'or register a new one by clicking the register link';	//to translate
$strUserNotYetActivated = 'User not yet activated';	//to translate
$strUserNotYetActivatedInfoText = 'This account isn\'t yet activated. When you register a new account, you will receive an activation-email where you have to click the activation-link to enable your account';	//to translate
$strClickHereToResendThisMail = 'Click here to resend this mail';	//to translate
$strYouMustBeLoggedInToDoThisAction = 'You must be logged in to do this action';	//to translate
$strSaveLoginData = 'save login-data';	//to translate
$strSelectedWhenAddingNewEntries = 'selected when adding new entries';	//to translate
$strCurrentlyUsedFile = 'currently used file';	//to translate
$strDelete = 'delete';	//to translate
$strLinkSize = 'Size';	//to translate
$strPropertyTypeStrings = 'Text;Auto-Increment Number;Date;Boolean;ListBox;ListBoxMulti;Textfield;Url;cached Url;File-Upload;User-Rating;Download-Link;Download-Link with File-Upload;---;Static Text;Date added;Clicks (Download-Counter);Nr in List';	//to translate
$strSkipThisPage = 'skip this page';	//to translate
$strLogMeOnAutoEachVisit = 'Log me on automatically each visit';	//to translate
$strInvalidExtension = 'invalid extension';	//to translate
$strTheUploadFileIsTooBig = 'the upload-file is too big';	//to translate
$strInvalidUpload = 'invalid upload';	//to translate
$strCantCopyUploadedFile = 'can\'t copy uploaded file';	//to translate
$strInvalidUrl = 'invalid url';	//to translate
$strUserRightsShort[0] = "none";
$strUserRightsShort[1] = "view";
$strUserRightsShort[2] = "loan";
$strUserRightsShort[3] = "add";
$strUserRightsShort[4] = "moderator";
$strUserRightsShort[5] = "list-admin";
$strUserRightsShort[6] = "super-admin";
$strUserRights[0] = "no rights";
$strUserRights[1] = "view-rights";
$strUserRights[2] = "loan-rights";
$strUserRights[3] = "add-rights";
$strUserRights[4] = "moderator-rights";
$strUserRights[5] = "list-admin-rights";
$strUserRights[6] = "super-admin-rights";

$strUsersWithLoanRights = 'users with loan-rights';	//to translate
$strLoanRights = 'loan-rights';	//to translate
$strPropRequiredRightsComm = 'if users doesn\'t have enough rights, they will see the whole entry but not this one property';	//to translate
$strShowOnlyToLoggedInUsers = 'show only to logged in users';	//to translate
$strDloadMoreComments = 'more comments';	//to translate
$strBack = 'back';	//to translate
$strfavoriteLists = 'favorite lists';	//to translate
$strManagefavorites = 'manage favorites';	//to translate
$strAddActiveList = 'add active list';	//to translate
$strYourFavLists = 'your favorite lists:';	//to translate
$strfavorites = 'favorites';	//to translate
$strfavoriteList = 'favorite List';	//to translate
$strList = 'list';	//to translate
$strActiveListAllreadyInFav = 'The active list is allready in your favorites!';	//to translate
$strAddedListToFav = 'Added list to favorites';	//to translate
$strSelListAllreadyFav = 'The selected list is allready in your favorites';	//to translate
$strAddedListToYourFav = 'added list to your favorites';	//to translate
$strFavDeleted = 'favorites deleted...';	//to translate
$strGoToList = 'go to list';	//to translate
$strNoTextEntered = 'no text entered';	//to translate
$strCantPostCommentTwice = 'can\'t post comment twice';	//to translate
$strSortText = 'Sort-Text';	//to translate
$strHtmlDisplayedOnList = 'HTML-Code displayed on the list';	//to translate
$strPropValHtmlComm = '(eg. image-tag for language - if empty Display-Text is used)';	//to translate
$strPropValSortingComm = '(used for sorting - if empty Display-Text is used)';	//to translate
$strLoanCartEmpty = 'Nothing in you cart...';	//to translate
$strLoanCartFound = '';	//to translate
$strClearAll = 'Empty your cart...';	//to translate
$strSeeCart = 'View your cart';	//to translate
$strRequestItem = 'Do you wish to add this to your cart?';	//to translate
$strdelete_from_reserve_list = 'Remove from basket';	//to translate
$strreserve_items = 'Reserve Item(s)';	//to translate
$strreserve_all_items = 'Reserve all items';	//to translate
$strTitle = 'Title';	//to translate
$strOwner = 'Owner';	//to translate
$strBorrow_Duration = 'Borrow Duration';	//to translate
$strItem_Reviewed = 'Item has been reviewed';	//to translate
$strCartAdd = 'Add selection to your cart';	//to translate
$strLoanTitle = 'Loan Control Center';	//to translate
$strLoanCenterView = 'Loan Center Information';	//to translate
$strOptions = 'Options';	//to translate
$strshoppingcart = 'Shopping Cart';	//to translate
$strCartControls = 'Cart Controls';	//to translate
$strAproveAll = 'Approve all loan requests';	//to translate
$strClearRequests = 'Delete all loan requests';	//to translate
$strClearLoans = 'Clear all loans';	//to translate
$strDateOfRequest = 'Date of request';	//to translate
$strRequestor = 'Requestor';	//to translate
$strDateOfLoan = 'Date Loaned';	//to translate
$strBorrower = 'Borrower';	//to translate
$strMovieRequests = 'Movie Request';	//to translate
$strLoanedMovies = 'My Loaned Movies';	//to translate
$strLoanControl = 'Loan Control';	//to translate
$strViewRequests = 'View Loan Requests';	//to translate
$strViewLoans = 'View My Loans';	//to translate
$strUpdate = 'Update';	//to translate
$strDueBack = 'Due Back';	//to translate
$strAreas = 'Areas';	//to translate
$strborrowed = 'Movies I\'ve Borrowed';	//to translate
$strReserve = 'Reserve';	//to translate
$strLoan = 'Loan';	//to translate
$strCartEmpty = 'Your cart is empty!';	//to translate
$strNoRequests = 'You have no requests!';	//to translate
$strNoneLoaned = 'You don\'t have any movies loaned out!';	//to translate
$strSendLoanMail = 'Sending loan system email...';	//to translate
$strLoanMailFailed = 'Failed sending loan system email! Please contact the system-admin!';	//to translate
$strSent = 'Sent';	//to translate
$strReturnMovielist = 'Click here to return to the movielist';	//to translate
$strReturnClick = 'Click here to return';	//to translate
$strReturnLoanRequest = 'Click here to go back to requests for loans';	//to translate
$strReturnLoanCart = 'Click here to return to your cart';	//to translate
$strOrderedByDateNewestEntries = 'sorted by date the newest entries from all lists';	//to translate
$strEntriesFromDays = 'Entries from the last days';	//to translate
$strEntriesFromDaysSortList = 'Entries from the last days sorted by Lists';	//to translate
$strIndexType = 'Index-Type';	//to translate
$strWhatEntriesShownIndex = 'What entries should be shown on the Index-Page';	//to translate
$strNrItemsOnPage = 'Nr items on the page';	//to translate
$strDontSetTooHighPerformance = 'don\'t set too high - could cause performance-problems';	//to translate
$strDaysToDisplay = 'days to display';	//to translate
$strIndexItems = 'Index-Items';	//to translate
$strListText = 'List-Text';	//to translate
$strFieldInListSameNameAvaliableFields = '(The Field in the List must have the same Name. <a href=\'http://www.powermovielist.com/phpwiki/index.php/IndexItems\' target=\'_blank\'>Available Fields</a>)';	//to translate
$strDisplayedOnThePage = 'displayed on the page';	//to translate
$strLoadOnly = 'Load Only';	//to translate
$strIfCheckedFileOnlyLoadedExamplePoster = '(if checked the field will only be loaded and only shown if the<br>field is hardcoded in the template - for example Poster or Plot - they have a special position)';	//to translate
$strIndexItem = 'Index-Item';	//to translate
$strEntriesFromDaysSortLinkList = 'Entries from the last days sorted by LinkLists';	//to translate
//**************** editannounc.php
$strEditAnnouncementTitle = 'Announcements';
$strEditAnnouncement = 'Announcement';
$strEditAnnouncementSmall = 'announcement';
$strEditAnnouncementComment = '(HTML allowed!)';
$strEditAnnouncementUseDatesChoices = 'use date;show always';
$strEditAnnouncementUseDates = 'use DateOn/DateOff';
$strEditAnnouncementUseDatesComment = '(if deactivated the announcement will be displayed always)';
$strEditAnnouncementDateOn = 'Date On';
$strEditAnnouncementDateOff = 'Date Off';
$strEditAnnouncementUserID = 'User';
$strEditAnnouncementDateAdded = 'Date Added';
$strCoverSelectType = 'Select Type';	//to translate
$strCoverTypeFront = 'Front';	//to translate
$strCoverTypeBack = 'Back';	//to translate
$strUseSortingByNumber = 'sort by number, default ascending;sort by number, default descending';	//to translate
$strUserAddedSucessfullyEMailWhenEnabled = 'User added sucessfully. You will get an E-Mail when an Administrator enabled your account.';	//to translate
$strUserNotYetEnabled = 'User not yet enabled.';	//to translate
$strEveryUserMustBeEnabledHasntBeenEnabledEmailAdmin = 'Every user must be enabled by an administrator. Your account hasn\'t yet been enabled. You will get an E-Mail if the administrators enable your account.';	//to translate
$strSendingActivationEMail = 'sending activation email';	//to translate
$strInvalidCodePleasyCopy = 'invalid code! please copy the whole link from the activation-email into the browser!';	//to translate
$strUserActivation = 'user activation';	//to translate
$strUserLoggedIn = 'user logged in...';	//to translate
$strClickHereToGoToIndex = 'click <a href=\'index.php\'>here</a> to go to the index-page';	//to translate
$strUserActivated = 'user activated...';	//to translate
$strUserOrEmailNotFound = 'Username or E-Mail-adress not found!';	//to translate
$strSendActivationMail = 'send activation-email';	//to translate
$strIfYouDidntGetMailReRequest = 'If you didn\'t get the activation-mail you can here re-request this mail to activate your account.';	//to translate
$strReSendActivationMail = 'resend activation-mail';	//to translate
$strInvalidEMailYouAreOnBlacklist = 'Invalid E-Mail-Adress, you are on the Blacklist';	//to translate
$strMailWasSentWithNewRandomPass = 'A mail was sent to you with a new random password.';	//to translate
$strSaveAndShowOnIndexPage = 'Save and show on Index-Page';	//to translate
$strFilterChars = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ';	//to translate
$strNextPage = 'next page';	//to translate
$strPrevPage = 'previous page';	//to translate
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