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global $_POST; //For order :)

//Config DB connect;
$host = 'localhost';
$login = 'banners';
$password = '';
$db = 'banners';
if (!mysql_connect($host, $login, $password))
	die ('Not connect db: '.mysql_error());
elseif (!$this->link = mysql_select_db($db))
	die ('Not selected db: '.mysql_error ());

/*****************CREATE EXAMPLE DATA****************************/	
//Create and fill test table "t1"
@mysql_query ("CREATE TABLE t1 (
								id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
								parent int default '0',
								value varchar (255),
								position int default '1',
								primary key (id)
//if empty table then  fill
$result = mysql_query('SELECT id FROM t1 LIMIT 0,1');
if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 0)
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Pic3'");
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Pic1'");
	$insert_id = mysql_insert_id();
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Pic2', parent='{$insert_id}'");
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Article1'");
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Article3', parent='{$insert_id}'");
	mysql_query ("INSERT t1 SET value='Article2'");	
/*****************END CREATE EXAMPLE DATA************************/	
/*********************EXAMLE USE CLASS***************************/
$table  		= 't1'; //this parameter is table name
$parent 		= '0';  //this parameter is id parent record (default null)
$id 			= '1';	//this parameter is id current record (default null) (In example id of record 'Pic3');
$fieldName 		= 'value'; //this parametr is field name in table labels' records (default 'name')
$fieldParent 	= 'parent'; //this parametr is is field name in table parents' records (default 'parent')

$positions = &new Positions($table, $parent, $id, $fieldName, $fieldParent);

if (!empty ($_POST))

$positionsList = $positions->lst (); //this function have 2 parameters - $table and $parent; 
									//if with calling function parameters not set then function use parameters $table and $parent seted on constroctor

//create select positions
print "<form action='{$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']}' method='post'>".sampleSelect ('position', $positionsList, $id)
		."<input type='submit' /></form>";
$out = null;		
$result = mysql_query ('SELECT * FROM t1 ORDER BY parent, position');
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
	if (empty($out))
		$keys = array_keys($row);
		$out .= '<tr><td><b>'.implode ('</b></td><td><b>', $keys).'</b></td></tr>';
	$out .= '<tr><td>'.implode ('</td><td>', $row).'</td></tr>';
if (!empty($out)) print '<table border=\'1\'>'.$out.'</table>';

function sampleSelect($name, $data, $active)
	$select = null;
	foreach ($data as $id=>$value)
		if ($id == $active) $selected = ' selected'; else $selected = null;
		$select .= "<option value='{$id}'{$selected}>{$value}</option>";
	return "<select name='{$name}'>{$select}</select>";	
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