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<fusedoc fuse="fbx_Settings.php">
		I set up the enviroment settings for this circuit. If this settings file is being inherited, then you can set a variable outright to override a value set in a parent circuit or use if(!isset(...)) to accept a value set by a parent circuit

//In case no fuseaction was given, I'll set up one to use by default.
if(!isset($attributes["fuseaction"])){ $attributes["fuseaction"] = "home.main"; }

//useful constants
if(!isset($GLOBALS["self"])){ $GLOBALS["self"] = "index.php"; }
$XFA = array();

//should fusebox silently suppress its own error messages? default is FALSE
$Fusebox["suppressErrors"] = true;

if($Fusebox["isHomeCircuit"]) {
//put settings here that you want to execute only when this is the application's home circuit (for example: session_start(); )


} else {
//put settings here that you want to execute only when this is not an application's home circuit

//include the patUser files

//if the user hasn't permission the fuseaction must be changed
if ( is_array($req_groups[$Fusebox["circuit"]] )
  if ( !$user->hasPermission( "id_type"			=> "group",
  	 	 												"id"      		=> $user->getUserGroup(),
                        			"auth_level" 	=> $req_groups[$Fusebox["circuit"][$Fusebox["fuseaction"]) )
  	 $Fusebox["fuseaction"] = "Fusebox.defaultFuseaction";

//Put settings out here that should run regardless of whether this is the home app or not

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