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PMChat Version 0.1 (October, 5 2006)
PM Tracker

Released under GNU/GPL

What is this PMChat?

PM Chat is an php based chat program that makes group chatting more easy and flexible with an option to support private group chat. The chat is pureley based on PHP,MySQL and AJAX.

What features are included so far?

- no refreshing of pages
- low bandwith usage for group chatting
- option to select a group of people form public chat room for private chat
- multiple rooms 
- private messages 


- unpack the tar.gz to create pmchat folder

- install the sql tables using file "chat.sql"
      	Dumping tables from chat.sql into a database
	"mysql -u your_db_username -p pmchat < chat.sql"
- edit db.inc file to change the database connection parameters

	Name of the Database server


	Username and password for database server

		$user=""; and  $pwsd="";

	Database name where chat.sql is dumped



- kindly send your support questions to hide@address.com
- I'll provide a FAQ page in http://pmtracker.siteburg.com

If you need any feature in this chat system kindly send a mail to hide@address.com, this chat system can be shaped better depending on the user's feedback.

pmtracker (hide@address.com)
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